From Jerash to Edinburgh: Renewing their vows with a taste of Jordan.

This beautifully humble couple had a getaway wedding in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland where their close family and friends. This is their story and their beautiful link to Jordan and why they chose Sitti Soap to be part of their wedding. We are thankful to have been a small part of their wedding day. We customized their wedding tags wrapped in a rustic ribbon around our Sitti Soap Favors. 

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Dana Del Vecchio met the co-founder of Siiti Soap, Noora Sharrab, in 2015 while writing her Bachelors thesis on UNRWA schools in Jordan. Fascinated by the high achievement of Palestinian students despite their challenging circumstances, Dana interviewed a few students from Gaza camp who received scholarships from Sharrab’s non-profit, Hope for Women in Education. A few months later, Dana graduated from the University of Michigan and moved to Jordan. She often found herself visiting Jerash on the weekends to visit friends in Gaza camp or enjoy fresh olives and cheese from Jerash's Beit Khayrat Souf.

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Dana's then boyfriend, Will Evans, followed her to Amman in 2016 so that they could be in the same country. Jordan ended up being a very special country for both of them, filled with meaningful friendships that started feeling like family. As a result, they decided to get married in Jordan so that all of their close friends could attend the wedding.

Unfortunately, the Jordanian wedding was too far for the bride and groom's American and British family, so they organized a second wedding in the UK to renew their vows and celebrate with family the following summer (June, 2018). Their second wedding was held near the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland, one of the couple's favorite cities.

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Since their relatives were unable to experience Jordan during their Jordanian wedding, Dana was dying to have something Jordanian at the wedding. They ended up naming the wedding tables after their favorite places, including Amman and Wadi Rum. Then, they ordered Sitti soaps for all the women at the wedding, and then shared them among them.

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The soaps were a perfect fit for the wedding.

"Not only did my loved ones love soap made with natural ingredients, but they really admired that it was made from Palestinian women. I think the cards on the soap that explain how it is made is a really lovely idea. All in all, I think the soaps were  a very tangible way to support the work of Palestinian women," said Dana.

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The mother of the bride, Lisa Lopez, agreed.

"Sitti Soaps, beautifully packaged and customized for the wedding, were such lovely and unique wedding favors for all the women. Our guests were especially pleased to know that because of their origin, they represented something important to the bride," said Lisa. "I was also delighted with their quality and value, and really appreciated how easy it was to work with Noora on a tight deadline".

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