Hand-carved Olive Wood Kitchen Utensil: Honey Dipper

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This hand-carved kitchen utensil Honey Dipper is made from sustainably-sourced olive wood from Palestine. 

Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils Care: 

Your new Sitti handmade olive wood kitchen utensils should be seasoned with food-safe mineral oil as soon as you receive them. If you keep applying mineral oil, especially during the first weeks, you'll ensure a well moisturized and protected bowl, board or utensil.

Hand wash with mild detergent and warm water. Dry completely before applying food-safe mineral oil. 

Do not allow standing water to collect on your utensils, as this weakens the wood fibers and can lead to splitting and cracking.

Dry with a lint free cloth or microfiber.  Perfectly fine to let air dry (but you'll need to condition with mineral oil more often).

Clean your olive wood utensils when needed with a scrub of lemon juice and salt. 


Sitti is proud that this Sitti x Darzah collaboration has helped generate over 1500 hours of employment to Palestinian Artisans in Bethlehem.

Why choose us?

Handmade By Refugees.

Each bar of soap is made by hand. There is a lot of love that goes into this soap, as well as skill and patience. Cold-press olive oil soap must dry for at least 30 days before being wrapped and taken to market for sale. The time it takes to make each batch of Sitti soap represents the commitment of each woman to her family, her community, and her culture. Sitti works hard to create quality products for you and your family. 



These are lovely soaps that are beautifully packaged. They bring a story of hope, faith and hard work into your home. Thank you Sitti, for this inspiring opportunity to give back. Perfect gift for the holidays! I love them.

Diane G.

Bought one for my sister and couldn't help buying one for me as well! The dish is beautifully crafted and actually keeps a slippery soap in place. I have just discovered this company and love everything from the products to the paradigm behind it. I plan to buy all my soap from here from now on and to spread the word to my friends and family.

Kristina S.

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