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Who we are.

Sitti is a beautiful, fresh and chic woman. She can be as young as 18, or as old as 99 years. No matter her age, she values simple, reliable products that are timeless, durable and are devoid of any harshness. She sees women as her sisters and friends, and has a strength about her that makes others want to be around her. She is dignified and powerful simply by being herself. She respects and values her elders, the wisdom they have passed down through tradition and culture, and she translates that wisdom to her modern everyday life. 

Our employees are empowered women who hold up their communities and their families. They are wise, beautiful women who are proud of their heritage and have retained dignity and perseverance despite everything they’ve endured. They are loving, and welcome all into their home as if they were their own family. They serve others before themselves, even when they have little to give. They inspire us every day.

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You can earn unlimited commission simply by linking to Sitti from your own website/social channels. By reposting, promoting, and tagging Sitti  in your posts, while sharing your unique discount code with your followers, you can earn cash instantly whenever your referral customer purchases an item with your discount code. 

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