Beneficiary Partners and Programs

Hopes for Women in Education

Hopes for Women in Education is a non-profit organization providing academic scholarships and out-of-school support to women and girls in refugee and displaced communities throughout Jordan. Hopes ensures full-scholarships, including tuition, transportation and academic fees for scholarship recipients. In addition, they work closely with students to ensure skill building and character development to help them post-graduation. Hopes’ conducts monthly book-club sessions in partnership with Inkitab (a community-based book club organization), monthly workshops/ trainings, periodic counseling and mentorship, as well as, post-graduation internship placement and career assignments.


Sitti’s Role: Hopes for Women in Education is a long-standing partner and beneficiary of Sitti Social Enterprise. In 2015, The Hopes-Sitti Women’s Centre opened its doors to support the enterprise’s growing operational needs, as well as additional space and resources for select Hopes for Women initiatives and programming. 

Alongside Hopes for Women in Education’s scholarship program, Sitti supports the large-scale initiative Banaat Connect and the Hopes Library Project. 

In 2020, Hopes for Women and Sitti Social Enterprise are partnering with Millie and others to fund three university-level (4-year degree program) scholarships for Hopes’ female scholars in Jerash Refugee Camp.


How to get involved/become a supporter: Purchase the Sitti x Millie Limited Edition Gift Box and contribute towards a higher education scholarship for a girl in Jerash Refugee Camp.


Noora Sharrab, cofounder and executive director


Banaat Connect

Banaat Connect believes in women empowering themselves through language. Run out of the Hopes-Sitti Women’s Center in the Jerash Refugee Camp, Banaat Connect coordinates and supports online language-exchange sessions between Palestinian refugee women and girls learning English and female Arabic language students in the U.S., Canada, & Europe. Through these programs, participants have unique opportunities to expand their cultural awareness and enhance their cross-linguistic communication skills. 

Banaat Connect is a large-scale initiative organized by Hopes for Women in Education. 

Sitti’s Role: The Hopes-Sitti Centre provides the in-kind support of a fully equipped computer lab facility that houses six desktop computers with video chatting capabilities for Banaat Connect students.

Ways to get involved/become a supporter: 

Register for Banaat Connect Programs

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General questions, volunteer interest, or partnership inquiries can be directed to:

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The Narrative Projects

“The Narrative Projects” use documentary strategies, including participatory media, to illuminate the unseen, unheard and unknown stories of the refugee experience in the MENA region and North America. “The Narrative Projects” platform is a virtual archive of multimedia resources to better equip educators, researchers and the media, in building a more informed narrative of the refugee experience and the global refugee community.


Narrative Project


Sitti’s Role: The inaugural project, The Women’s Documentary Photo Workshop, launched in 2019 with the collaborative and in-kind support of Sitti and The Hopes-Sitti Centre. Documentarian and educator Jacqueline Sofia worked with several motivated women community members of the Jerash Refugee Camp to document a series of images and stories that contribute toward a more nuanced and informed narrative of the camp community and the greater Palestinian refugee experience in the region.

Ways to get involved/become a supporter: You can sign up to have The Narrative Projects exhibited at your school/university/community center/house of worship. Visiting lectures and speaking engagement inquiries can be directed to Jacqueline Sofia at the contact information below.


General interest, volunteer educator inquiries or partnership opportunities can be directed to:

Jacqueline Sofia, Creator and Facilitator 

More information:


The Jerash Camp Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre (CBRC)

The Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre in Jerash Refugee Camp supports more than 300 women, men and children with hearing, speech, mental and physical disabilities by providing carpentry skills training, physiotherapy, speech therapy and specialized tutoring. It also provides assistive devices such as hearing aids and wheelchairs. The LAC partners with CBOs to organize awareness-raising workshops for communities in and around the camp.

Sitti’s role: Each Sitti soap dish is crafted by Hassan, a professional carpenter and graduate of a CBRC training program. Hassan came to the CBRC carpentry skills training program with a motivation to learn in spite of his disability. Although the camp has a long way to go in creating more accessible education and employment opportunities for those with disabilities, Hassan’s ability to craft consistently reliable products has made him an invaluable member of our team.

Ways to get involved/become a supporter: Each Sitti soap dish purchased directly impacts Hassan and the livelihoods of those with disabilities who receive education, skills training and employment through the Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre. You can purchase Sitti’s wooden soap dish in pine and oak here.




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