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Sitti is a social enterprise that provides fair-wage employment opportunities to women refugees in Jordan. Sitti aims to empower and restore hope to refugee communities through the making of olive oil soap and other timeless products.

Born in the Jerash refugee camp in Jordan, where thousands of displaced Palestinian families reside with no means of work or living. They cannot legally work in Jordan so do what they must, they hassle. In a Boy-Beats-Girl World of endless verbal battles, Women are always left behind with the wind, but the wind always blows back! This time in a smart social kind of way. Sitti Soap brought together women and teaching them how to produce 100% Olive Oil Soap of top quality. Not just verbatim, but for real, the best there is on the market today. None of that Nabulsi bullshit soap with no purpose but to make the most out of our pockets. This is thoughtful Soap, for thoughtful people. The wages of the refugee working women help them send their own sisters to school and help raise and support the family.