Gold Dipped Olive Leaf Earrings.

Gold Dipped Olive Leaf Earrings.

Sitti Soap

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Sitti’s has partnered with International Jewelry Designer, Luma Qusus founder of Inamullumani to produce a Gold Dipped Olive Leaf Earring to represent the symbol of peace, giving and prosperity.


The Olive Trees are considered sacred and beloved rooted in the ancient Greek tradition and mythology. In ancient Greek Olympics, winners were crowned with Olive Wreaths to represent success and power.


Across the Mediterranean, particularly in the Levant, in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, the Olive Tree represent a symbol of the people’s attachment to the land. The trees are drought-resistant and grow under poor and difficult soil conditions, representing resistance and resilience in the land and people.


Since Sitti’s Olive Oil products are produced using 100% Olive Oil, we wanted to highlight the beauty and significant value of the Olive leaf in a delicate accessory that would be suitable for every-day wear.


The Earrings include a gold dipped leaf pendant with a wooden bead and is 7cms in length and come in a set of two.


More about Inamullumani:

Raised amongst the distinctive Roman, Greek and Arabic heritages, Luma Qusus Awad brings the best of those worlds in her unique handmade pieces of inamullumani jewelry. She is a talented Jordanian-Canadian artist, artfully tells stories through her creations inspired by her extended travels and her fascination with history, culture and its people.



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