Hand-Calligraphy Written Card: Happy Mother's Day.

Sitti Soap

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Receive a hand-calligraphy written customized 'Happy Mother's Day' card hand-written by Telisa Roessein

Choose 4 options to choose from (in the dropdown): 

'Happy Mother's Day'

'Happy Mother's Day, Mom!'

'Happy Mother's Day, Mama!'

'Happy Mother's Day, Ammu!'


Telisa Roessein is a Toronto-based calligrapher and hand engraver. Her client work includes event calligraphy for notable brands and commissions for weddings. With her modern and dainty style of calligraphy, she has worked on commissions on any surface with a variety of tools, such as brush, pens, pointed pens, engraver, heat foil pen, and watercolor. 


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