Sea of Hope - Olive Wood Bracelets

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Sea of Hope Bracelet Set. 
(Set: 2 Pieces)
Genuine Olive Wood and Turquoise Howlite Stone

Look into the sea of hope and visualize all the future dreams and aspirations of the generation yet to come. The calm of the sea contains within it an energy that you can capture and use to realize your own dreams.
The Sea of Hope Bracelets is made by 'Just Olive Tree' a Canadian based project that hand-crafted jewelry from ethically sourced genuine Palestinian Olive-wood. Annual trimming aids the olive tree in natural growth and never harms the tree. The timber is recycled and used to made jewelry. 
The olive tree is a sacred symbol of the Middle East and a distinctive mark of wisdom and prosperity. With humble grace and elegance, the olive tree can be found thickly rooted within the rich, fertile soil of the region. Olive trees proudly mark their place and add fragrance to the air. Their striking presence is a memorable masterpiece of earthly beauty. 


The dove charm is a symbol of peace and universal understanding. We chose to include the dove as it also holds a symbol of unity for freedom and human rights.  

Just Olive Tree, donates yearly to a just charity registered as a 501(c) NGO, Palestine Children's Relief Fund, who conducts medical and life-saving missions for children in dire need living in Palestine, Lebanon's Refugee Camps, Syria and Iraq and Jordan. 

Bracelets have been sold to and worn in over 50 cities globally.

A light coating of olive oil can rejuvenate the beads after prolonged wear.

Keep beads away from heat or moisture. 

Trees have been growing in these regions of Palestine for centuries. Wear a piece of history on your hands and spread the hope. 



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