3 Steps to a Longer-Lasting Soap Bar

Are you treating your bar of Sitti Soap well? If your soap has ever felt soft or has taken on the texture of softened butter, it could probably use a little extra love. Especially now, with hand-washing becoming a constant part of everyday life, you may find your soap bar becoming soft frequently. Being kind to your soap will extend its ability to do its job: keeping your skin clean and healthy! By following three simple steps, you can help your bar of Sitti Soap live a long life!

Photo Source: Vicki Bartel

1. Your soap dish matters. Surprisingly enough, soap wants to be dry. Store your bar of soap on a slotted soap dish to allow air to move all around the bar, giving it a chance to breath and dry out after each use. The slots also help water drain out of the dish so your soap isn’t sitting in a pool of water. If you’re looking to buy a wooden soap dish, look no further! We sell handmade soap dishes in two wood options, pine and oak. 

2. The air around your soap matters, as well. If you use your Sitti Soap in the shower, try keeping it on the bathroom counter when it’s not in use. The goal here is to avoid moist air that is created when your shower dries and water evaporates into the air. By taking your bar of soap out of that environment, you’re giving it a chance to fully dry. Plus, we all need a bit of fresh air sometimes!

3. Periodically flip your soap. Flipping your soap every now and then, turning it so the side that was against the soap dish is now on the top, allows the entire bar to breath. This will encourage the entire bar to release any moisture it’s holding on to. Flipping your soap is also a good way to check on your soap dish and see if it’s in need of a cleaning.

Photo Source: Vicki Bartel


Share your feedback: How do you care for your bar of Sitti Soap? Where do you store it and what type of soap dish do you use? Email Mona (mona@sittisoap.com) to let us know!

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