Jordan Jerash Refugee Camp

Our Mission

Educate. Employ. Empower.


Sitti is a conscious lifestyle brand committed to the self-reliance of refugee and displaced communities through long-term employment opportunities and skill development training, empowered by an inclusive global economy.




“Sitti” (si-TEE) ...

... means “My Grandmother” in Arabic. Authenticity, inclusivity, community, self-reliance and sustainability are the values we inherited from our ancestors, passed down over generations. Sitti is a state of mind that transcends borders, rooted in tradition.

Our Inspiration

Resilient Employees

Our team is made up of empowered women and men who hold up their communities and their families. They are wise, beautiful individuals who are proud of their traditions and have retained dignity and perseverance despite everything they’ve endured. They are loving, and welcome all into their home as if they were their own family. They care for others before themselves, even when they have little to give.

Our process

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Our Community

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