Beneficiary partners & programs

Partners in Impact

Hopes for Women in Education

Hopes for Women in Education is a long-standing partner and beneficiary of Sitti Social Enterprise. In 2015, The Hopes-Sitti Women’s Centre opened its doors to support the enterprise’s growing operational needs, as well as additional space and resources for select Hopes for Women initiatives and programming. 

Banaat Connect

Banaat Connect believes in women empowering themselves through language. Run out of the Hopes-Sitti Women’s Center in the Jerash Refugee Camp, Banaat Connect coordinates and supports online language-exchange sessions between Palestinian refugee women and girls learning English and female Arabic language students in the U.S., Canada, & Europe. 

The Jerash Camp Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre (CBRC)

The Community-Based Rehabilitation Centre in Jerash Refugee Camp supports more than 300 women, men and children with hearing, speech, mental and physical disabilities by providing carpentry skills training, physiotherapy, speech therapy and specialized tutoring. It also provides assistive devices such as hearing aids and wheelchairs. The LAC partners with CBOs to organize awareness-raising workshops for communities in and around the camp.


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