Getting to Know Your Loofah

The first step is healthy, happy skin is our 100% pure olive oil soap bars. And, if you stopped there on your skin care journey, I wouldn’t be mad about it. Might I suggest though, taking your routine one step further. Our new loofahs will leave your skin clean, smooth, and glowing.

Loofah laid on a towel.

Photo Source: Vicki Bartel

Loofah Basics and Usage

So, what is a loofah? I’m so glad you asked! Loofah is a natural (as in, not synthetic) material that comes from a gourd fruit. The material is slightly coarse, but gentle enough for all skin types. The amount of pressure you apply when using a loofah is up to you and will shape the experience you have.

  • Soft: Applying a small amount of pressure with your loofah will allow you to give your skin a gentle cleaning while avoiding any potential irritation. A small amount of pressure is all you need for daily showers.

  • Moderate: A moderate amount of loofah pressure is perfect for a deeper cleansing once or twice a week. You might use this amount of pressure on dry patches or areas that collect a lot of dirt and oil (think back and chest areas). Follow up with a moisturizer to rehydrate your skin and avoid irritation.

  • Firm: A firm hand will help you slough off dull, dead skin. You might use a firm hand on your back, your feet, or your knees. Reserve this type of cleansing for once a week or every few weeks. Please note, do not scrub your skin in a rough or harsh way. Simply use a firm hand while moving in small circles. Again, always follow this type of cleansing with a moisturizer.

Loofah and soap sitting on a towel, resting in a basket.

Photo Source: Vicki Bartel

Storage and Sanitation

The best way to store your loofah in between uses is by hanging it. The goal is to allow air to flow all around and inside the loofah, giving it a chance to fully dry. In addition to keeping your loofah as clean as possible, this will also extend its life. After each use, rinse out all of the soap and squeeze out excess water to speed the drying process.

Every now and then, you should give your loofah a deeper cleaning to flush out any build up. The simplest way to give it a deep cleaning is to throw it in your dishwasher on the top rack! If you don't have a dishwasher, you can sanitize it by pouring about 1/4 cup water over it and microwaving it in a bowl for 1 minute.

Share your feedback: What are your tips for using your loofah and keeping it clean? Email Mona,, with any comments you might have.
Photo Source: Kinsfolk Shop


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