Introducing: Her Words

Inspired by the women who cross our paths on an almost daily basis, we’re starting a journal series of reflections, thoughts and lessons-learned from some of these amazing, hardworking individuals. We’re calling it “Her Words.”

This first entry also happens to align with some exciting announcements…

Announcement #1! On November 28th, 2019, Sitti co-founder and CEO Noora Sharrab will be the featured speaker for Millie Speaks. This event collaboration is facilitated by Millie Speaks and hosted by Radford Studio. We’re honored to share the guest seat with so many incredible women after attending several of the Millie Speaks events and walking away with an even greater sense of empowerment each time.

Announcement #2! From today through the end of November, Sitti will have a pop-up at Radford Studio in Toronto at the Yorkville Village Mall. You can come through and check out some of the featured items, and stock up for the holidays! The pop-up is a collaboration between Millie, Sitti and Radford Studio.

Both of these announcements would not be possible without the support of Millie, whose mission is to inspire and support women to live true. We’re so grateful for our ongoing collaboration with them and their support of our mission in providing fair-wage employment opportunities to refugee communities.


Her Words: Victoria Radford

It’s only fitting that our first “Her Words” conversation is with a woman who supports our mission and vision in both word and deed. Victoria Radford of Radford Studio is a celebrity makeup artist and skin expert driven by a fearless approach to beauty. Inspired by her 15-year experience in beauty, she has designed a new approach to skincare and makeup, with products and treatments designed to meet her clients’ busy lifestyle. On any given day, she is at Radford Studio, on CTV's The Social or on a shoot at an exotic location around the world. Hardworking doesn’t begin to explain this woman. 

Victoria Radford. Photo Credit: AugustMedia.Ca

Take us back to the beginning- how did you get started in the beauty industry?

I have always worked in the beauty industry and did my first wedding in 9th grade.  I used to do all my classmate’s makeup for prom (for the bargain price of $20/face).

Victoria Radford and a client

 What was the precursor for Radford Studio?

Right before I opened up Radford studio I was on a world tour with the Black Eyed Peas, doing makeup and skin for Fergie. I also have a background in holistic medicine and have always been interested in natural, clean beauty.


Radford Studio in Toronto, Canada. Photo Credit: AugustMedia.Ca

Can you describe your approach to businesses and the challenges along the way?

My approach has always been to favour all-natural, clean beauty products. It has been very challenging, but it has always been my dream. For example, when we decided to make Buff and Face vegan certified, there was a lot of testing and retesting that held up the launch of the product over the course of an entire year.  But in the end, it’s always worth it to stand by what you believe in.

Photo Credit: AugustMedia.Ca

In what ways do you try to help promote a healthy lifestyle? 

I always believe in authentic self-expression.  When you are truly connected to who you are, authentically, you are the most beautiful version of yourself.

Photo Credit: AugustMedia.Ca

How can consumers help change the standard for the beauty industry? How can business leaders do so?    

I believe consumers should always do what they feel is right for them. At the same time, I am a big supporter of brands with a conscience. I think it’s important to remember that if we all work together we are capable of changing the world.


Thank you for sharing your story and thoughtful insights, Victoria! 


Don't can come meet Sitti at these upcoming events: 

  • Today - End of November: Sitti Pop-Up @ Radford Studio. Yorkville Village Mall. Toronto, CANADA
  • Sunday, November 24 (9:30a-1pm): Sitti @ Holiday Bazaar. St. Ignatius Church. Baltimore, MD. USA  


 Photo Credit in this post: Augustmedia.Ca for Victoria Radford / Radford Studio and Logo courtesy of Journey with Millie

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