Maria's "Farmer's Salad" Recipe


 Beit Sitti will show you the way


 A basic but delicious salad that has been consumed by Palestinian farmers since tomatoes entered the cuisine a couple of hundred years ago.  

 This is a very forgiving salad if you don't have the habit of measuring all ingredients. So, just trust your instincts and taste as you go along.




1 tomato - 2 cucumbers - 1⁄4 bunch mint - 1/2 bunch parsley - 1 onions - 1⁄2 tspn salt - 1 tbspn Summac - 1 tspn pomegranate molasses - juice of 1 lemon - 4 tbspn of olive oil
Dice the tomato, add cucumbers, chop the parsley finely, and add chopped mint leaves.
Chop the onions and place them in a bowl, follow by rubbing them with sumac and salt, then add the lemon juice and olive oil (this takes out the bitterness of the onion).

Add some pomegranate molasses and mix well. Taste and serve.


Many cultures have their own version of a tomato and cucumber salad, but there are some differences that set them apart, from the size of the dice to the dressing, any additional ingredients, and choice of herbs. In the Palestinian version for example, the detail is that the elements are very finely diced with the tomato and cucumber cubes no larger than a dry chickpea.

That's the reason that for Palestinians, one of the main naming conventions used refers to it as “salata na’ameh” (finely chopped salad), as well as “salata falahiyeh” (farmers' salad) or simply “salata” because it is the quintessential salad in our cuisine.

Inside Palestine, nobody really refers to it as "Palestinian salad," but many Arabs across the Middle East might use this term because it is the most commonly eaten salad by Palestinians.


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