Meaningful wedding favors made with love in celebration of love.

Your wedding day such a momentous day. You plan for it. You gather your loved ones to celebrate the special occasion. You look for ways to perfect the tiny details that make every bit special. You capture the meanings in the colors, the theme, the planning of every minute during that day. This is why your wedding favors should also hold a special meaning to what you hold dear to you.

Your wedding favors are the takeaway gifts your loved ones, friends and family will take away with them as a form of gratitude for their presence. Your wedding favors will be the tangible memory your guests will carry with them to remember a day of love that brought them together. For those that traveled near or far to be present in celebration of your happiness, your wedding favors will say, ‘Thank you’ for sharing this moment with us in celebration of love. This is why we are so honored and grateful when our clients choose Sitti Soap as gifts to give to their guests on their bridal shower, wedding day or special party occasion because it means they took the time to think of something they valued and cared about.

 Handmade Sitti Soap Wedding Favors

We’ve had the pleasure to create unique and personalized wedding favors for weddings in Montreal and Toronto in Canada, California and New York in the USA, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE, Amman and the Dead Sea in Jordan, and Modena, Italy.

Knowing that our handmade soaps made by refugee women in Gaza Refugee Camp traveled globally to end up in the hands of beloved guests is so meaningful to us. We truly take the time and pour our hearts in every piece we send out to our clients, because we know they value what we stand for and that purchasing the bar of soap was more than just a simple favor, but a socially conscious decision and meaning in gifting their guests.

Wedding Favors without packaging economical natural olive soap

Below is a testimonial from a wedding client:

"Using Sitti Soaps for our wedding was an absolute no-brainer, what better way to give gifts to people you love while helping others? Not only are the soaps high quality but they feel so natural and the Sitti team were very flexible with packaging requests allowing our soaps to have the same earthy and sustainable feel we tried to infuse into our wedding. Thanks to the team for making this happen and for starting this great initiative. Can't wait to see you grow!" Nadia, UAE. 


 To order wedding favors for your wedding email us details to: and we'd be happy to serve you.

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