Our co-Founder, Noora featured on Finding Bravery podcast + Our new online stockist!

Listen to our co-founder, Noora Sharrab, speaking with Christal Earle on her podcast, Finding Bravery. 

In this podcast episode of Finding Bravery, Noora discusses her journey of first arriving in Jerash Camp and meeting local women’s groups back in 2010. She also goes into the darker moments of being confronted by women in the camp, how those conversations changed her perception of what it means to come in as an outsider, and how listening and empathy were the most important, yet overlooked steps when trying to help others.

Noora also talks about her personal feelings of connection to the camp, including her own family’s story as Gazan refugees and being a part of the Palestinian Diaspora community in Canada.

Thank you, Christal! It was a real pleasure speaking to you about Sitti Soap, and about how the Jerash Camp community has been a radical force in changing our own outlooks on life.   

We’re also happy to announce that Christal Earle’s online store, Little Shop of Courage, is now a Sitti Soap stockist! We are thrilled to have Sitti Soap be a part of this inspiring, socially-minded group of small businesses.

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