Our Story is Their Story (World Refugee Day)

For us, everyday is World Refugee Day. Everything we do, every product we make, every customer we serve; it’s all a testament to the beauty and self-determination of the refugee women and men who make up our Sitti Soap family.

Here are three stories of women and men who epitomize the spirit of Sitti Soap.


Ikhram's Story.

When faced with chronic health issues, many refugee families are forced to take out loans that have high interest rates and are difficult to pay off. The result is often debilitating debt. Sitti Soap provides employment to women so they can gain financial independence for themselves, but also for their families. Ikhram is a Saboni (Soap Maker) at Sitti Soap. Her husband suffers from chronic illness and is unable to work. His inability to work, coupled with the high cost of treatment for his condition, Ikhram and her family of 13 became buried in debt. When Ikhram joined the soap-making team at Sitti Soap, she says she was able to finally start paying off the loans she took out to pay for her husband’s medical treatment. Now Ikhram and her family are debt-free. She continues to work part-time for Sitti Soap, while also caring for her husband and her children.

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 Hassan's Story.

Share Hassan's Story. 


Safiah's Story.

We believe that women are natural leaders and change makers in their communities. In Jerash Camp, many women take on leadership roles without seeking anything in return. At Sitti Soap, we want to further empower and embolden these female leaders by providing them with skills and tools that they can use in their work with us, but also in their neighborhood and community beyond Sitti Soap. Safiah is the regional manager of Sitti Soap. She has been an integral part of Sitti Soap’s growth and development since our inception in 2015. Safiah is a well-respected community leader, and she works tirelessly to support the women of Jerash “Gaza” Camp. She  has seen Sitti Soap empower and enable women through skill development and fair-wage employment. When she is not giving her time to Sitti Soap and the Jerash Camp community, she is working as an employee of Save the Children, to support other refugee populations Jordan.

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  • There are more than 2 MILLION registered Palestinian refugees living in Jordan. (Exact number: 2,175,491 people) Read more… 
  • An estimated 29,000 EX-GAZAN REFUGEES reside in Jerash “Gaza” Refugee Camp
  • 52.7 PERCENT (more than half) of Palestinian refugees have an income BELOW the national poverty line. 
  • Jerash Camp is the POOREST among the ten Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. Read more… 
  • 88 PERCENT of ex-Gazan refugees in Jerash Camp DON’T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE. 
  • ONE HEALTH CENTRE provides primary health services to ALL 29,000 REFUGEES living in Jerash Camp. 
  • Mobilizing NEW POOLS OF INVESTMENT for refugee communities CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Read more…

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