Own Your [Woman Owned] Business Story: Amy Welsman of PAUME

Beginning March 17th (Buy Women Owned Day)Sitti is elevating the stories of women-owned businesses through an ongoing blog series titled, “Own Your [Business] Story.” Throughout the past year, we’ve recognized (and experienced first hand) the hurdles for small businesses to pivot and push forward through the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic challenges that have come with it. Through it all, these businesses have shown determination, grace, and resilience. In this series, we get up close and personal with some incredible women so you can hear more about their business stories: what (or who) inspired them to start their brand, what are the challenges they’ve met along their journey and what keeps them going. 



In this week’s interview, we talk with the founder and CEO of PAUME, Amy Welsman. 

Amy will definitely change the way you look at hand sanitizer and all for the right reasons. PAUME isn’t your typical hand sanitizer. It has a unique plant-based formula, which kills bacteria and moisturizes your hands altogether. Say goodbye to dry hands! But wait this isn’t the best part. Their entire array of product packaging is designed with sustainability in mind and they are proud to announce their Plastic Neutral Certification. Read more about Amy and how her brand is protecting our hands and protecting the Earth from plastic waste! 



Q: Where did the idea of PAUME come from? 

The idea for PAUME first came to me in 2019, when my husband and I brought our newborn daughter home from the hospital. Being a new parent really heightened my awareness of germs. Since I didn’t always have the time or opportunity to wash my hands with soap and water, we stocked our home with plenty of hand sanitizer, and we offered it to friends and family when they came to visit. I soon realized that most hand sanitizers had a few things in common: they were harsh on the skin, they smelled terrible, and they were packaged in unappealing, disposable plastics. It inspired me to create a unique, effective, nourishing formula with packaging that’s both elegant and sustainable.

It’s been a year of bringing PAUME to life. Now more than ever, we need products that are good for our bodies and mindful of the planet. We need to protect our hands, so we can remain in touch with our loved ones and our communities.


Q: What makes your hand sanitizer so different from the rest?

Our award-winning hand sanitizer formula is made with ethyl alcohol to kill harmful germs and bacteria, plant-based emollients to nourish and hydrate your skin, and a blend of essential oils which create our indulgent signature scent. Customers love the scent and feel of our product on their hands - not sticky, fast drying, and skin nourishing. Our elegant refillable packaging is designed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, whether at home or on the go. 



Q: What is PAUME’s mission?

Your hands do so much. They express joy and offer comfort. They allow you to connect with people and your community. That's where we come in. We believe that when you care for your hands, you care for yourself and the world around you. Our mission is to create premium sustainable hand care products that are made with plant-based ingredients and sustainable packaging.


Q: What is something that shows you that the future of entrepreneurship is female? 

In recent years, there has been a major surge of female-founded brands coming to market, which is so fantastic to see.  As a female founder myself, not only have I gained an incredible network of supportive female entrepreneurs, but I have found support in various initiatives and platforms also championing female-led businesses. I like to focus on the positive, and so far, being a female-founded business has been an incredible asset. 


Q: Who are your woman role models?

I have so many female role models who I look up to - it's impossible to name only a few! I will say that I have an incredible team of advisors who are successful entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Many of them are women, and they continue to inspire me. I'm lucky to be able to lean on them in times of need and look to them for guidance on an ongoing basis.




Q: What is the best advice you have for women-led small businesses and female business owners? 

Believe in yourself, stay true to your idea and try to ignore the self-doubt. All things that are easier said than done! The most successful entrepreneurs I know are those who can problem solve and not get disheartened when facing challenges. I constantly need to remind myself of why I'm doing this and why I believe in myself and my product. If you don't believe in it, no one else will! 

Thanks to Amy, we got the exclusive that PAUME is in the process of expanding its product line to include other plant-based hand care products.

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