Part 2: 10 Additional Palestinian-Owned Brands to SUPPORT Today and Every Day!

From June 6-12, it is Palestine Economic Week - this is your opportunity to boycott Israeli products and companies supporting the occupation and use our dollars to support businesses that support the Palestinian Economy by buying from businesses that employ Palestinians, empower Palestinian Refugees, and were started by Palestinians.  
As conscious consumers, we always want to make sure that our purchases are making an impact. We only purchase from brands that we feel align with our own value and causes. Given the current situation, what better way to show unity with Palestine than purchasing directly from their people!

1 - Kuvrd

KUVRD is a company focused in the idea that representation matter, so they create Arab heritage designs in contemporary pieces that not only encourage your unique expression, but they also support refugee camps through providing meals and creating jobs. This is a company rooted in creativity and community growth, where you can wear compassion on your sleeve. Literally.
Please check their Instagram at: @Kuvrd


2 - Madeena The Doll

This brand makes hand crafted dolls that features different hand embroidered Palestinian dresses. By displaying Madeena the doll at our homes we strengthen the ties and roots of our families with our culture. It constantly reminds and connects us and our children with our history, and city. It’s a great way to stay connected with our past which reflects to our present and strengthens our future. One stitch at a time. (10% proceeds go to @badwacenterjo)  

 Please check her Instagram at: @madeena.the.doll   

3 - Eva's Desserts
Our third brand: Eva’s Desserts, has an unique blend of contemporary design with Mediterranean flavors. A designer by trade, Eva employs her skills and artistic flair to carefully craft her delicate creations, all fused with middle eastern ingredients and just the right amount of sweetness. Eva is known for her signature baklava cheesecake, pistachio rose cake and exquisite date cookies!
Please check her Instagram at: @evaeats_


4 - PaliApparel

It's a clothing Brand that creates Powerful, Passionate and Palestinian Designs. On this photo, Palestinian Skies is one of the three colors of their newest design: The Palestinian Collection 🇵🇸 available from June 5th.  
Please check her Instagram at: @paliapparel    


5 - Kissweh
For those who love home decor like me, check this company called Kissweh. They create colourful pillows/cushions embroidery pieces that will scale up the mood of your living room with all the colour tones, geometric pattern inspired on older Palestinian embroidery as well as the beautiful paintings of Stanley Whitney. On this photo, we have small batches of hand embroidered needlepoint pillows made by Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Beirut - Los Angeles (and now Rome!).
Please check her Instagram at: @kissweh  

6 - PalBox


 This company is focused on supportting the Palestinian economy and Palestinian non-violent resistance through the sales of a quarterly box called Palbox! This box provides organic products, fair trade Palestinian edibles, cultural items and Arabic calligraphy jewelry are that are delivered to your door every 4 months. If you are a fan of subscription boxes, this one is rooted at the center of Palestinian culture and it has a huge impact on local businessess and farmers.
Please check her Instagram at: @palboxorg    
7 - Knafeh Queens
This 5 time Award winning designer: Knafeh Queens will make your cravings skyrocket, as we feature this buttery knafeh dough with a mouthwatering sweet and salty cheese filling and drench the whole thing in syrup for a decadent dessert that's fit for royalty!
Please check her Instagram at: @knafehqueens      

8 - Canava Handmade 

It's a Palestinian boutique store based in Mississauga, Ontario, that design unique handmade clutches pieces with silver hardware and silver strap details. The brand is owned by 3 Palestinian sisters that are all artists, that combined their vision to create this unique and stunning home decor/apparel brand.  


Please check her Instagram at: @canava.handmade    

9 - Canaan Palestine

Canaan is founded on preserving our human heritage of nurturing the land to provide a sustainable food source for centuries to come.  They work with over 2,000 families, they use sustainable regenerative agriculture practice, with wild and ancient plant varieties to rebuild and empower local communities. The complexity of flavor coupled with the simplicity and wholesomeness enhances the dining experience of the most discerning food lover.
Please check their Instagram at: @canaan.palestine
10 - Halimeh

This last brand is called Halimeh, they design Clothes and Apparell inspired by Palestinian cultures, textures and rich colours. They use handmade embroidery to customize contemporary pieces for younger audiences. Their pieces are produced in Amman and shipped Worldwide.
Please check their Instagram  
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