Sage Saturdays: Pairing Baking Goods with Sage Tea Pt.2

Dried sage tea in a wooden spoon.

Photo Source: Vicki Bartel

If you’ve already started enjoying our Jordanian Dried Sage Herbal Tea Leaves, you know it’s good stuff. The only thing that can make it even more enjoyable is a baked good. Turn your daily cup of tea into a bit of a treat with… well, a treat!

Photo Source: Vicki Bartel

The flavor profile of sage tea pairs especially well with specific baked goods. What is the flavor profile of sage tea, you ask? Sage tea, when prepared properly, tastes:

  • Earthy
  • A little astringent (think peppermint)
  • Slightly sweet

So, what goes well with sage tea? Well, the answer depends on a few factors: your preferences, the flavors in the sage tea you want to bring out, and the time of day.

Photo Source: Vicki Bartel

For example, if you’re looking to enjoy a cup after dinner, you might want to pair it with something sweet. If you want to start your day with a cup of tea (I’m right there with you!), maybe reach for something savory. This list of suggestions will help you get started with picking the right baked good.

Sesame Tahini Cookies (from Feel Good Foodie)

Sesame tahini cookies sitting on a wooden platter.

Photo Source: Feel Good Foodie

These semi-sweet, semi-savory cookies compliment the earthy flavor of sage tea. The nuttiness of the cookies, from the tahini, sesame, and almond, is a natural accompaniment to the most prominent flavors in sage tea and helps balance its refreshing astringency.

Sweet Potato Almond Butter Muffins (from Minimalist Baker)

A wooden tray with muffins, almond butter, and a bowl of mashed sweet potato.

Photo Source: Minimalist Baker

If you’re looking to enjoy a cup of sage tea with breakfast, look no further. This is a grounding breakfast that will fill you up and prepare you for the day. This recipe offers a muffin version of a wholesome bowl of oatmeal. It’s got whole grains (oats and whole wheat flour), warmth (cinamon), and sweetness (sweet potatoes and brown sugar). What more could you want?

1-Bowl Carrot Apple Snack Cake (from Minimalist Baker)

One Bowl Vegan Snack Cake

Photo Source: Minimalist Baker

If you’re serving sage tea to guests (which we recommend as a solid way to earn the love and respect of your family and friends), this cake is the accompaniment you’re looking for. It’s sweet, but healthy! The brightness from the apple, carrot, and banana highlights the sweet side of sage tea. 


Poppy Seed Lemon Cake (from Smitten Kitchen)

A slice of poppy seed lemon cake being pulled out from the cake.

Photo Source: Smitten Kitchen

If you like the astringency in sage tea, you can definitely play it up with the right recipe. Since sage comes from the mint family, it has a tingly, clean mouthfeel. Lean into that tingle with a zingy lemon cake. If you’re not a big fan of citrus, you should still give this pairing a try! The forward earthiness of sage tea will calm the zing of the lemon, and the pairing will be more refreshing than cloying.


Coconut Date Balls (from Feel Good Foodie)

Stack of coconut dale balls in a wooden platter.

Photo Source: Feel Good Foodie

For my final suggestion, I chose a treat that is not baked! But, this recipe was just too good to leave out. Again, nuttiness and earthiness compliment the prominent flavors in sage tea. The sweetness from the dates, however, brings out the subtle sweetness in the tea. The creator of this recipe suggests adding in warm spices. Cinnamon or cardamom would this turn pairing into the ultimate cozy treat.


  Photo Source: Vicki Bartel

Share this post and let us know what types of treats you like to pair with your sage tea. Next week we’ll focus on some interesting ways to incorporate sage into your cooking.

Share your feedback: Do you have suggestions for using sage in dishes? Email Mona Beydoun,, with your recommendations. 


Featured Photograph and Top Photograph Credits Courtesy of Vicki Bartel.

We’re highlighting our Jordanian Dried Sage Herbal Tea Leaves through the month of July. Come back each Saturday to learn about new and easy ways to incorporate sage into your life.

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