Sips with Sitti: S2 E1: "Sustainable Living with Daily Rituals" w/ guests Rhaelyn & Jessica of Mintier, and Joana of Amalusta!


Season 2: Episode 1: Sustainable Living and Daily Rituals with with guest Joana, founder of Amalusta and Rhaelyn Gillepse & Jessica Sheppard; co-founders of Mintier. Join us for a conversation about sustainability living and how our daily rituals and everyday tasks connect to the greater picture of environmental and social well-being.


S2E1: Show Notes


“The products were curated with the theme of a conscious earth and a conscious body and it’s really about products that are earth-friendly, earth-loving and products that are also going to give you some self love at the same time” - Co-founder Noora on the conscious earth & body subscription box which is all about sustainable self-care.


“Rather than trying to overhaul your life at once or saying I’m going to wake up tomorrow and get rid of everything and become a whole new (person). Start with using just what you have at home for skincare and for everything else, like stuff you have in the kitchen or like in your closet. Just trying to start there and focus on making the most of what you’ve got is a good place to start for most people.” - Amalusta founder Joanna on how to start being sustainable in one's daily rituals.


“I love it when I buy from a brand that is environmentally conscious, like you know they have compostable containers, it makes me feel so good and not as guilty.” - Noora on being a conscious consumer and the importance of eco-friendly brands. 


“The plastic components of the packaging that I’ve tried to move away from as much as possible but no matter what you do there’s still so much packaging and plastic you’re receiving when you start a business and that’s one of the things you realize, that there’s an inevitable amount of waste produced and it’s kind of shocking.” - Amalusta founder Joanna on challenges of being plastic-neutral. 


“In Jordan, people usually buy olive oil in like tanks of 14, 20 kilos for the season and then what they do is then they fill it in these reusable Pepsi-like plastic bottles. So when you go to people's homes you’ll actually see plastic bottles that are recycled with the olive oil poured into them.” - Noora giving an example of how simple recycling and being sustainable can be a common practice in the country of Jordan. 


We’re trying to transition as a company from the plastic bubbles into more construction paper and it’s something we’re working on with the team in Jordan.” - Noora on Sitti’s plans of cutting down on plastic. 


“One day on my commute home with a pack of mints, I happened to turn it over and look at the ingredients for the first time and the first ingredient was sugar. Then, we looked for sugar-free alternatives, then there were sugar alcohols. So then we went down the rabbit hole of looking at what sugar actually does to your breath - turns out that sugar feeds the oral bacteria in your mouth. So these breath mints are actually making our breath worse, so we just wanted to create a true breath freshener without any sugar and with clean ingredients that would just work to freshen your breath especially while you’re on the go.” - Mintier co-founder Jessica on why they created the breath freshener brand. 


“We use recycled mailers, we use cardboard packaging that’s recyclable, try and just be as mindful as possible in what we’re actually putting out there, nobody’s perfect but we’re always trying to improve and learn from other brands too.” - Mintier co-founder Rhaelyn on their brand's sustainable efforts.


“My biggest shift in the last couple years was to be very mindful of what I’m purchasing when I’m purchasing it and really trying to finish products. I used to be like ‘okay my favorite shampoo is on sale I’m going to buy a million of them’, now I’m like, use this one completely before I need to restock and then that way I’m personally having less waste.” - Mintier co-founder Rhaelyn on being more sustainable in her day-to-day life.


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