Sips with Sitti: S2 E3: "A Mama's Healing Journey" w/ guest Rhowena Patel of Healing Mama Co.!


Join SITTI co-founders, Jackie and Noora, as they speak with honesty and vulnerability about critical topics for the conscious consumer. Join them on the SITTI Social Enterprise Youtube channel to dive into the issues we should all be talking about and acting on.

- Women in social enterprise “making it” in the pandemic and post-pandemic economy

- How we can live with purpose and change inequities through our daily routines and rituals

- Mental and financial well-being in a consumerist society ...and more, plus special guests along the way.

Bring your cup of coffee or tea, listen in and join the discussion in the comments! In this episode: Guest Rhowena Adolfo Patel is the Founder of Healing Mama Co.

During her own pregnancy and postpartum journey, Rhowena quickly found that the typical support and products given to women during pregnancy were for the baby, but not for the body that just went through incredibly physical and emotional trauma to give birth to the baby. Rhowena courageously shares her story of pregnancy and postpartum, and what she learned afterward that she wished she knew before.

Through her company Healing Mama Co., Rhowena provides all-in-one birthing and postpartum healing kits. With the guidance and support of an expert advisory panel that includes licensed medical professionals and Ayurvedic healers, Healing Mama Co. is providing parents with the support they need to heal and thrive during and after pregnancy.


PLEASE NOTE: This episode discusses pregnancy, motherhood, and postpartum experiences. We also discuss topics surrounding postpartum depression and pregnancy loss. We also talk about the natural state of a woman’s body during and after pregnancy. If these topics make you uncomfortable or are difficult for you, please consider if this episode is right for you before watching.



S2.E3: Show Notes


“Healing Mama Co. - it literally started when I was eight months pregnant. …I realized through my research there was no boxes or kits or any type of model that existed out there for me to buy all of this stuff in one shot. …I was frustrated that other moms have had to deal with this for so long. I was frustrated that this is what the state of care was for people giving birth.” - Rhowena speaks about how she came to found Healing Mama Co.


“Someone has to do it better at a price and someone has to bring it all together because why do I have to go to this company to get this product and I have to go to this marketplace to get all these products - why aren’t any of these amazing brands talking to each other. Where is the Amazon for childbirth and postpartum care? It just doesn’t exist.” - Rhowena reflects on her journey of trying to prepare for motherhood but not being able to find a brand helping mothers-to-be. 


“It’s not surprising that new mothers are not adequately supported and it’s not surprising that 88% of moms were not prepared for postpartum at all. That number needs to be 8 not 88. And that speaks to the amount of lack that exists in our health care systems that also doesn’t exist in conversations.” - Rhowena shares statistics regarding how unprepared many new mothers are and mentions change is needed. 


“The body goes through intense trauma in childbirth and throughout pregnancy, and because we’re always taught that this is such a natural process, we tend to overlook the fact that yeah it’s a natural process but it’s also naturally very traumatic and requires a lot physically and mentally.” - Jackie speaks on recognizing the tremendous toll pregnancy has on women. 


“The recovery routine exists for all other major surgeries and traumas to the body, but why is there not a recovery routine for giving birth? Again this is why Healing Mama Co exists.” - Rhowena after sharing her experience of having a hemicolectomy and seeing the difference in post-care. 



Watch full episode here.






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