Insights from a Photographer's Lens: Sitti x L'Occitane


Here’s Saif's testimony on the project collaboration:

(on Instagram: @portraits.kid )


How was your experience working on this campaign?
“Shooting for L’Occitane & Sitti’s collaboration was one unique experience, as my main job is to listen to the people’s stories and help carry them to the viewer, I myself was touched by Sitti women’s stories and how they were able to break the community’s stereotypes and make the world know that Arab Women are unstoppable. The overall experience was warming and close to the heart, we hope to see more brands in the MENA that carry the same amount of care and support for the people.”
What made this project special?
“This project held so much good energy for me personally. Hasan and I had a very special connection, we had good laughs, he showed me a group of photos of him and explained his passion for crafting. This proves that language will never be a barrier, and there is a bigger, more universal language, which is love.”
What story stood out to you?
“Ahlam’s story was the most inspiring for me personally. The idea that someone can have a positive effect on their family is so important. Ahlam was able to break the cycle despite all the challenges she encountered as a female, her will to provide for her family and encourage them to work especially her daughters is an inspiration to every Arab woman out there.”

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