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When a woman gets pregnant, something happens internally that makes her think, wait, is this safe, healthy, good for my baby that’s growing inside of me. I’m not sure what it is, or if it’s a mother’s instinct that gets us to focus on what we’re using, internalizing, and consuming. Even if you weren’t a woman that previously were obsessed with non-toxic products, cosmetics or creams, and bath and body products, it may suddenly matter to you.

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Once you hold your baby, your mothers' instinct tells you, to be gentle, and you’ll want to make sure their food and baby care items are paraben free, BPA free, organic (if possible), cruelty-free, maybe even vegan or gluten-free. With a greater conscious awareness about the chemicals that are found from food/ snack to beauty products to baby care products, Ecocentric Mom was founded with the commitment to sell and promote brands that shared just those values – which were fundamentally important to pregnant women, new moms, and babies.

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Their product lines follow a rigorous product standard before they collaborate or partner with any brand, because to them being ‘green’ wasn’t good enough – products had to fulfill certain criteria to make it to the Ecocentric Mom checklist!

Subscription Box baby safe pregnant women moms new moms non-toxic organic healthy gentle cruelty-free BPA free sitti soap bath and body beauty products


“Ecocentric mom is a monthly delivery club for moms who want to discover and save on the very best non-toxic, organic, natural and unique products for themselves, their babies and their homes. The Club offers customizable monthly boxes tailored for pregnancy, new baby, toddlers and beyond.”


Ecocentric Mom ships their subscription boxes to club members in the US and Canada. In a previous subscription pick, we were thrilled to have collaborated with Ecocentric Mom to offer Sitti Soap Loofah Bars in one of their fall boxes targetted to new moms. It was so refreshing to gain positive feedback from club-members on the products they received, including Sitti’s soap bar. You can also purchase single one-time purchases of their boxes on Amazon (for those that want to gift a new mom they know with the perfect curated items!).

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New moms that were looking for a gentle bar of soap that wouldn’t be too harsh for them or their babies. Pregnant women that may want to switch their daily face-washing routine to something which was non-toxic, paraben free and natural. Moms that wanted to be green by switching to bar soaps (instead of liquid soaps) but were worried about the harsh chemicals found in some generic soap brands in the market.

pregnant mama new born mom new subscription box bath and beauty body products safe gentle whole foods sitti soap olive oil soap natural curated items


ecocentric mom subscription box for pregnant moms safe products for babies non-toxic safe gentle organic bath and body

We were happy to work with Ecocentric Mom in curated a monthly box that brought smiles to some many new moms and soon-to-be moms! 

Casey Powers, Founder of Ecocentric Mom tells us: "Our company exists to support businesses that give back and Sitti is an amazing social enterprise that embodies our values.  We love their product & their mission."
We hope that club-members enjoyed their boxes! We loved receiving photos from clients of their box experience with Sitti's natural Olive Oil Soap Bars with Loofah in the mix! 



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