Why Ard? Understanding the importance of the Ard collection.



ARD is the Arabic word for ‘earth’ or ‘land’. Each soap within the ARD collection is made from all-natural ingredients and a connection to the land of our refugee community in Jerash, Jordan. This collection signifies the importance of the meaning of ‘land’ to refugee and displaced communities around the world and pays tribute to the beauty and the memories left behind in the pursuit of a brighter future.

The ARD blog series shares the backstory behind creating each soap in our ARD Collection, as well as the unique characteristics of each bar and ingredients. 


Why ARD?

This collection of soaps was given its name, ARD, which means “land” or “earth” in Arabic, in honour of people who have sought refuge in new countries while the longing for their home and land still rests in their hearts. Sitti crafted this collection in close collaboration with our Palestinain refugee artisans in Jerash, Jordan with the hope that in using each bar, we acknowledge our mutual connection and belonging to the earth, regardless of circumstance. 

The significance of land to the Palestinian refugee community stems from generations of people experiencing life on the piece of earth they call home. An even deeper appreciation of their land comes from the long history of farming within Palestine, where many Palestinain citizens would spend their whole lives taking care of the earth that provides for them in abundance. However, this connection and appreciation of land became especially important with the increasing number of displaced Palestinain citizens feeling a longing for their home. This feeling is consistent for not only the Palestinain refugee community, but for the global refugee community that had to leave their homes in search for a brighter future. The word ARD holds deep rooted meaning to our refugee artisans and we thought it was important that we share some of this meaning with our Sitti family by creating what we’ve called the ARD Collection.

The ARD collection comprises five plant-based soaps that are handmade with our signature olive oil base and the addition of a plant-based materials that are notoriously used by communities within the Middle East. Each soap contains its own unique benefits. 

Moringa, Nigella, Rice, and Chamomile Olive Oil Soap bars are all included in our limited edition 5 for $50 soap bundle and are also available for purchase separately. Over the next few weeks, we will share more on the significance of each soap, its connection to our land and culture, and the beauty that it will bring to your own daily cleansing ritual.

To order the 5 for $50 Ard Collection Bundle,  click here

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Written by: Abigail Reynolds and Nadia Eltayeb

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