Why investing in your Self-Care is the best money you'll spend this month!

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When was the last time you bought yourself something just because? Or treated yourself to a bouquet of flowers or gave yourself that spa you have been eyeing for a while. Why is it that we hesitate to take care of ourselves as often as we should, sometimes excusing our reasons to get our hair done or nails or get that facial or time off unless there's a special occasion. How many times have you done something just because? As a busy mother of two and a wife running my social enterprise, I often get tangled trying to find the time for myself to truly give myself the time I deserve. My "me" time is usually when everyone's gone to sleep and I'm staying up late at night to ironically finish emails or finally enjoy a hot cup of tea! 

This is why we loved In-T's Monthly subscription boxes that are all about YOU. In't is a literal word for YOU in Arabic. We had a chance to chat with entrepreneur Walaa Hassanien about her inspiration behind the box and what it really means to her.

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On their website, In-t explains, this is a box for women:

For all the love you spread, and all the time you give, "In-T" is your monthly gift to yourself! 

Picked with the ambitious Muslimah in mind. We've curated beautiful items to help you fall in love with yourself just a little more each month. Your In-T box will help you with self growth, self-care, brighten up your mood and have you pause all in one. 

We were also delighted to have had Sitti's Olive Oil Soap and Reusable Organic Cotton Handmade Pouches and Pine Wooden Soap Dish included in the September 2018 box! 


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What does IN-T mean to you?

In-T first is a reminder to invest in myself. The word "inti" literally means “You” in Arabic (feminine tense) and I wanted something to remind me to work on myself, each and every day. I started In-T because after having four children and managing a household, I realized that I prioritized my own well being the least. I was taking care of everyone around me, and leaving no time in the day to take care of myself. I also knew that I was not alone in this. If I was feeling this way, chances are, a lot of other women were feeling the same. 

So I created what I needed and I wanted to remind other women to do the same. I wanted to remind them to pause and take time for themselves, to pamper, enrich and love themselves. I believe that women are the pillars of their household and society at large. We study, work, raise and nurture generations to come, and to do our best we have to feel our best.


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Why is self-care so important?

Self-care is important for many reasons, its important for stress management and stress reduction- and we all know the benefits of reducing stress in our lives. While self-care is meaningful for your physical health, it is equally as important for your mental health. Self-care builds our self-esteem and self-confidence. We know that the more a person takes care of themselves and their appearance the better they feel about themselves and the more confident they become. Self-care is also very important for one's productivity, energy and what ones able to give back. You know the saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, well that's exactly it. You can take care of others, without taking care of number one. 


What can we do to better care ourselves?

What self-care looks like, is different for each person. It's important to find the things that you enjoy, that bring you peace, the things that will make you feel better mentally, physically and spiritually. We need to listen to our bodies. Your body will let you know when it’s down and needs to recharge.  We have to pause sometimes to give our bodies what they need to heal and rejuvenate. We need to take care of our mental and spiritual health which we often forget or ignore, but are just or even more important as our physical health.
Some very simple things that one can do:
  • Read for 30 min daily or write in a daily journal.
  • Pray or make thiker (remembrance ) as you go about your day.
  • Pause by taking a bath in your favourite bath soap or bath bomb.
  • Plan a date with a friend or family member you trust to just talk.
  • Go on a nature walk.
  • Make time for a short nap


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How do you pick the brands to be inside your box?

It's very important for me to support and work with local and Muslim businesses. There are such amazing brands and business out there that many of us aren’t aware of. I look for brands that share the same values as In-T and value self-care, self-love and overall wellness. I look for brands that solve the needs of Muslim women. I also, often choose brands that use natural, healthy, easy to pronounce ingredients in their products. And I’ve been amazed by some brands who uplift and give back to communities such Sitti Soap.

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