Sips with Sitti



Sitti Social Enterprise co-founders, Jackie and Noora, speak with honesty and vulnerability about critical topics for the everyday, mindful consumer.

Join them on Instagram Live and IGTV while they dive into the issues that we should all be talking about and acting on:

  • Women in social enterprise “making it” in the pandemic and post-pandemic economy
  • Artisans whose refugee experiences inform, but do not define, their stories
  • Moving beyond the $5-a-day budget: discussions around severe socioeconomic inequities (i.e. people living on less than $5 a day), and how we can change these inequities through social enterprise
  • Mental and financial well-being in a consumerist society

...and more, plus special guests along the way! Bring your cup of coffee or tea, listen-in and chime in! See below for upcoming Sips with Sitti IG Live events, or check out our IGTV for past episodes as they become available.


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Episode 1, “Making It”

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