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Refugee-led sitti box

It's here! Our second subscription box is now shipping - featuring over 9 partners.

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Sitti Refugee-Led Subscription Box

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This Box supports the causes important to our community and our world. Every time you make a purchase, you're casting a vote on the kind of world you're leaving behind for your children, and the younger generations to come.

self reliance and job creation

This box creates jobs

Creating self-reliance, one box at a time.
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So incredibly happy with my box. I loved learning about each new brand that was included and knowing that each box helped create impact to refugee communities made it even better! It arrived quickly and they even added a sweet note inside.


This box was perfect to gift to my friends and family. I gifted one to my sister and best friend and it was just the best thing ever. Highly curated items made with purpose - I was surprised with how many items were included inside. Full-sized and premium quality.

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Get a free 4-Mask Embroidery Set with every Sitti Surprise Box purchase for a limited time with every women-led box (until supplies last).

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why does your subscription matter?

Refugee Self-Reliance is at the core of everything we create and do. That’s why we take extreme care to curate a box every 3 months that is filled with the things you love and will want more of. With each box purchased, you’re addressing the systemic barriers to refugees meeting their needs in a sustainable way.



Sustainable Living

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Each box is carefully curated to bring you beautifully crafted products that are made with impact and sustainability in mind, because you deserve the best.