10 Palestinian-owned brands to support today and every day!

 Like the rest of the world, our eyes have been focused on the violence happening to Palestinians in the Middle East. You may be like us and want to find ways to show your support to the Palestinian people.

So, we thought what better way to show solidarity than highlighting our favorite Palestinian-owned brands to support today and every day!

Check them out and spread the word. 


 1 - Darzah 

      So for anyone who knows Arabic, you might know that darzah means stitch. This non-profit, ethical fashion brand is the place to go for all your needs and I mean ALL your needs. You can find home decor, bags, shoes, gift boxes, and even kitchen accessories. All their products are handmade in Palestine and your purchase goes directly to empowering women in the West Bank. 

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      2 - Dar Collective

          What we really love about this brand is that it’s all about inclusivity. Their team is made up of third-culture kids with roots from all over the world, which includes our lovely land Palestine! They even have a whole section on their website dedicated to Palestine for all your fashion needs. The best part, everything you see printed is a collaboration of the Palestinian community as a wholeEveryone from Palestinian educators to the elderly influence each piece of clothing

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           3 - Palestine on a Plate

              If you’re like us, lockdown maybe had you experimenting in the kitchen. Although, you may have only mastered 5 recipes and need to spice it up. We got the perfect thing for you, check out this cookbook that covers the food and ingredients of Palestine. All the recipes you find here have been passed down a generation of Palestinian women. The author, Joudie Kalla, also offers zoom cooking classes! So, why not sign up and learn some new recipes with the author herself.

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               4 - El Bustan 

                  El Bustan translated to “the garden” in arabic, which is a perfect way to describe this shop! This Palestinian online home and lifestyle brand “works with traditional artisans, women’s co-operatives, entrepreneurs, family workshops, factories, artists and designers in and from Palestine.” Much like a garden, the online shop is a display of beauties Palestine has to offer in both a traditional and modern twist.  The best part of this online shop is that you are supporting the livelihood of Palestinians globally. 

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                   5 - Olive & Heart 

                      Every Palestinian knows that pure olive oil is at the heart of all our cooking. Remember those recipes you were going to make, well you are going to need some olive oil for it. Olive & Heart offers us FAIR TRADE olive oil along with other home accessories that are all locally sourced from Palestinian farmers and artisans. Their website even offers some recipes you can follow to make all your favorite Palestinian dishes. Much like us, this brand has worked with organizations to advance the well-being of refugees both in the Middle East and the United States (specifically California). 

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                       6 - Hirbawi


                          Hirbawi is the last and only factory in Palestine to create authentic keffiyehs. It is actually still locally owned by Yasser Hirbawi, who opened the factory back in 1961! As some of us may know, the Keffiyeh is a sign of resistance and solidarity for Arab countries, specifically Palestine. Don’t buy forgein imitation of keffiyehs, rather buy authentic Palestinian made! Your purchase goes directly back into the Palestinian economy and helps this small business. 

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                           7 - Watan 

                              Have you ever been to a Palestinian-inspired art shop? Me either, but they do exist! Watan is based in Chicago, Illinois with the purpose to offer a space to Palestinians to learn about and explore their cultural and intellectual heritage.” They have two shops, one in Chicago and another in Amman.These shops offer countless exhibits, workshops, lectures, and more. So, go support all your Palestinian creatives! You aren’t in the Chicago or Amman area? No worries. This shop also has all your accessories (all centered on Palestine) in one place.

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                               8 - Lulu’s Gourmet Crackers

                                  Lubna (Lulu) Abura is the genius behind these crackers! Something that started as a healthy snack for her twins has turned into an expression of her Brazilian and Palestinian heritage. Her crackers are not only halal, but strictly made of natural and clean ingredients. She believes in only selling something that her family would consume. Lulu’s Gourmet Crackers currently sells 5+ flavors of crackers, so go place your order today! 

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                                  9 - Tatreez and Tea

                                      You may be familiar with this brand because they have been featured on our blog before! If not, here’s your invitation to join the tatreez movement. This brand started off as a simple book, which sought to conserve the meanings and patterns of 15 designs made by generations of Palestinian women. This simple book turned into a revolution, launching a global initiative first of its kind. Tatreez and Tea now offers classes to all (regardless of background) centered around Palestinian embroidery techniques. Consider being part of these classes to learn more about cross-stitch, possibly a new hobby you can have?

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                                       10 - Natalie Tahhan


                                      Natalie Tahhan's brand was established in 2015 and is the first brand of its kind to bring international fashion expertise to Jerusalem, offering luxurious high-end womenswear. Her work weaves traditional elements of intricate hand sewn embroidery into contemporary trends, to create exclusive pieces marked by elegance and innovation. Tahhan is a graduate of London College of Fashion with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Fashion Design & Technology. Having worked extensively across Europe and the Middle East within the field of art and design, Tahhan decided to carry her talents back home in hope of creating a platform for her creativity. The collection ‘Prints of Palestine’ is her latest visual brainchild, and her most significant creation to date as it is close to home. Having been designed and produced in Jerusalem, ‘Prints of Palestine’ is the ultimate expression of contemporary Palestinian fashion.

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                                          Please consider supporting all these brands today and every day! Don’t forget, we are also launching our first subscription box ever that goes directly towards refugees in Jerash Camp. With your subscription, you have the opportunity to change the lives of refugee families and give the change to the narrative of refugees everywhere.


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