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We’re excited to feature the final installment of our “Own Your Story” series from the SITTI Box!

Beginning in August, Sitti is featuring seven lifestyle brands that focus on inclusivity and representation in our ongoing blog series titled, "Own Your Story". This time, the “Own Your Story” series is elevating the stories of the seven brands featured in SITTI’s All-Inclusive Box. 

Each quarter of the year, we get to know the brands in our box, while learning priceless lessons and advice from their shared experiences. We talk about where the idea for their brand came from, and what’s made their journey unique. Every brand adds something special to make up our All-Inclusive Box; a box centered around representation and inclusivity. To learn more about our other brands featured in our Boxes, click here.


Introducing: Peace Collective


Peace Collective is a Toronto-based brand with the goal of providing a guilt-free shopping experience. They have a passion to make giving back easy and accessible, with every item sold giving back to a specific community or cause in need. 

“We believe giving back is essential to community building and helps others have access to the resources they need, when they need them.” - Peace Collective website 


Image provided by Peace Collective


They argue that giving back is not only beneficial to the communities being served but makes consumers feel good knowing their purchase is going towards something greater.

They support causes such as food insecurity, mental health research, and refugee aid, and have donated $238,300 thus far and by 2030, they aim to raise $1,000,000. 

Peace Collective also has many sustainability initiatives and offers select products that are on-demand only, meaning they will only be produced once it has been ordered. This is done in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint as well as reduce the total amount of waste and therefore do less damage to the planet. They also offer products from their ‘Made In Canada’ line which are 100% knit, dyed, cut, and sewn ethically in Canada. Other products also include their GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified garments which are made from plant-based materials like cotton and linen and are grown without harmful chemicals, making them healthier for customers and the planet. Lastly, they place an emphasis on reducing, reusing, and recycling, their recycled fabrics and repurposed waste, which helps to divert these materials from the landfill and uses less energy in the garment-making process.

Find their iconic ‘Peace’ hat in our 4th Sitti Box, a statement piece that speaks for peace.  



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The Sitti Box is a quarterly box packed with value and impact, delivered directly to your door. Each quarterly box highlights the stories and impact of the products inside. This is the last edition of the Sitti Box for the time being, please enjoy these amazing products and share the experience.



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