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We’re excited to feature the final installment of our “Own Your Story” series from the SITTI Box!

Beginning in August, Sitti is featuring seven lifestyle brands that focus on inclusivity and representation in our ongoing blog series titled, "Own Your Story". This time, the “Own Your Story” series is elevating the stories of the seven brands featured in SITTI’s All-Inclusive Box. 

Each quarter of the year, we get to know the brands in our box, while learning priceless lessons and advice from their shared experiences. We talk about where the idea for their brand came from, and what’s made their journey unique. Every brand adds something special to make up our All-Inclusive Box; a box centered around representation and inclusivity. To learn more about our other brands featured in our Boxes, click here.


Introducing: Udug Home


  Image provided by Udug Home 

"Udug Home is a traditional home fragrance company with a mission to put a modern twist onto traditional scents."


How they came to be 

In 2015, the founders of Udug Home traveled to Dubai. From that trip, they were inspired to create Udug Home which is based out of Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. “With aroma in the air, we felt safe and at home since we grew up with these scents.” Their goal ever since has been to provide products to those living in North America, who are in search of scents from back home, so that they can have them in their new homes. The scents they sell are nuanced and bring to mind the scents of home that many people from the region grew up loving.

“We are a group of people that came from our home country to a new country. Canada is a very diverse country with many cultures, but sometimes, we would still feel as though we stuck out. We couldn't find the scent and cultural products we wanted.”

“We made Udug Home to make people feel more included and immersed in their cultural background”.


   Image provided by Udug Home


According to Udug’s founders, being a smaller business trying to branch out into an industry heavily run by big-name brands was and still is a challenge, along with selling scents online. Because scent is such a personal thing, being a small brand and one that is as well known, has people hesitant about their scents. In a way, it's a leap of faith. But it's the challenge that drives them to be better and do better. Recently, Udug has improved its packaging, introduced three new room sprays to its line, and attended pop-ups in Eastern Canada, all of which have opened their doors into a new market.

“Regardless of their background, anyone has the ability to make a successful business.” - Udug Home founder

 We asked: What is the best advice you have for someone who is coming from a traditionally marginalized community, and who wants to start their own mission-driven business or organization?

The answer: We recommend you find something you are genuinely passionate about. If they go into a field for money, they may lose passion in the long run. They can even use their racial background to help find a niche community. Regardless of their background, anyone has the ability to make a successful business.

   Image provided by Udug Home

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