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Our “Own Your Story” series continues! 

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Darzah meaning “stitch” in Arabic, is a non-profit, ethical fashion brand creating authentic, handmade Palestinian products. The embroidery style, tatreez, is a traditional art form passed down through centuries of women. Darzah’s goal is to bring tatreez apparel and décor to the world in order to celebrate and preserve Palestinian heritage.

Darzah’s center is in the West Bank, Palestine but it is managed in the United States. Their artisans are women from the West Bank who have historically endured marginalization in the form of low income, gender inequality, and lack of economic opportunities. Darzah’s mission is to economically empower these women by providing job opportunities, training, and a fair income.



What is the story behind Darzah?

The idea for the organization began in 2008 when Dr. Janette Habashi and her students started a fundraising campaign benefiting grassroots education programs for refugee children in the West Bank. Although the community appreciated the financial support, a small group of mothers vocalized their desire for a more permanent source of income and reached out to Dr. Habashi for direction. In 2015, unemployment rates for young women in the West Bank were as high as 63%. Dr. Habashi identified that providing economic opportunities to women could have far-reaching effects, as they would be better able to care for themselves, their children, and their families. From this realization and with an initial fundraising campaign of only $4,000, Child’s Cup Full was created. Today, the non-profit organization operates two brands: Darzah and Zeki, in Zababdeh, a village located in the northern West Bank.


What makes Darzah unique? 

Our customers love our unique designs and our mission of economically empowering Palestinian artisans. All our products are handmade and celebrate tatreez, making it fashionable for everyday wear.



Tell us how tatreez and the Darzah brand speak truth to the experience of being a refugee or displaced person? 

Since Darzah celebrates Palestinian culture through tatreez, it has special meaning to refugees [in particular]. As you know, Palestinian motifs are associated with [certain] areas and villages, and some artisans have a special attachment to these motifs since they are from those villages prior to becoming refugees [or displaced].

How does Darzah view its impact on the refugee community? 

We started with a small team, and now we have almost 26 artisans that work with us, and more are interested to join our team. All our team receives living wages. We pay more than 65% higher than other establishments in the area. Currently, we work with 9 villages in Palestine. Our goal is to create a consortium that can support more artisans.





 Can you share a recent success with us?

We are working on a new design collection that we hope to launch in 2022. In addition, we have a new exciting partnership with Zay Initiative, ACCESS, and others. We have been featured in Jamalouki and Cosmopolitan ME

What other refugee-focused brands do you admire? Why? 

Of course, we admire Sitti because we have a similar approach to helping and supporting refugees.

What is the best advice you have for someone who is trying to start their own business? 

Focus on the mission of the business. I do believe business should do good and if all businesses do good the world will be a better place.

Thank you, Darzah, for sharing your story! 

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