Women Empowering Women with Venti Special Events.

A cozy Sunday brunch coordinated by two young women in their twenties was just the thing to help bring together inspiration and support for women looking to make the most of their passion and entrepreneurial ideas! Venti Special Events held an intimate brunch at the classy and authentically Egyptian Masrawy Kitchen in Mississauga, Ontario where tables were covered with white lace and white candles, coral roses and baby's breath filling the room.  

Venti founders, Rand Al Rubaye and Ola Salah, two fresh graduates have both previously worked in event management for several non-profits and organizations internationally, from Dubai to Toronto. Both were inspired with the idea to start an event planning company that would raise the standards of other event planning companies, raising the bar and making it all so beautiful at the same time. 

The event welcomed two speakers to talk about their inspirational journeys, Aseel El-Baba, and Noora Sharrab.

Aseel El-Baba is an empowered woman fueled by the passion to inspire, motivate, and create an impact in the world.  She is pursuing her training in Psychotherapy, eager to learn more skills to help others navigate various life transitions. Aseel has her own empowerment podcast called Get Real With Aseel, found on Itunes, Podbean, and Youtube (getrealwithaseel.podbean.com). Aseel spoke on how everyone has the ability to reach their potential beyond our expectation, and more so, noted how most of us underestimate our abilities to reach our goals. 

Co-founder of Sitti Soap and Hopes for Women in Education, Noora Sharrab spoke of her journey with working with Palestinian Refugees in Jordan, and how establishing her own NGO and co-founding social enterprise Sitti was her way of contributing to the global community. By looking beyond the problems of the world, we all have the power to make small changes that truly impact people in more ways than one!


We were honored to be part of the event and sponsored giveaways to each attendee with a bar of Sitti's Olive Oil Soap

Below are exclusive photos from Venti, photographed by the talented, Dulfiqar Issam. 

Venti Special Events Mississauga Masrawy Kitchen Egyptian Restaurant Sitti Soap


Noora Sharrab Sitti Soap co-founder speaking to a room full of women on entrepreneur and global conscious consumerism venti special events mississauga motivational speaker


Orange Roses with Baby's Breath with white lace table setting coral and orange decorations venti special events mississauga


Venti Special Events Ola and Rand Founders Aseel El-Baba motivational Speaker Noora Sharrab co-founder Sitti SOap


Venti Special Events Women Empowering Women Inspirational Women's Only Event Masrawy Kitchen Toronto Mississauga Arab Women Iraqi Women Palestinian Group Photo


Venti Special Events Ola and Rand Founders Aseel El-Baba Motivational Speaker Noora Sharrab Inspirational Speakers co-founder Sitti Soap Arab Women Entrepreneurs

Noora Sharrab co-founder Sitti Soap Inspirational Speaker Motivational Speaker Arab Women Entrepreneur Social Enterprise Impact Palestinian Women

Venti Founders noted:

"We felt amazing to be able to meet all the incredible women who attended the event. This has been a dream for us and we have so many amazing ideas in store and we can’t wait to make them come to life in Venti’s near future."

Venti's purpose is to have events where both individuals and business owners can come and network to learn from one another and find ways to benefit and collaborate. For those interested in working with Venti, they can always reach them via email, ventispecialevents@gmail.com or on Instagram and Facebook on @ventispecialevents

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