Dried Jordanian Thyme Herbal Tea Leaves (40g)

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 Thyme herb, known for its Latin name, Thymus Vulgaris is a perennial in the mint family of plants. Thyme is a fragrant aromatic herb and is just the right herb for a wide array of uses, including but not limited to, potpourri, herbal teas to aid in coughs and sore throat, seasoning for cooking meat, chicken or vegetable soups and even as mood-enhancing aromatherapy. 

Thyme leaves are an excellent source of minerals and nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin A, Fiber, Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium. Thyme leaves are best used in food when rubbed together into stews, casseroles, soups, vegetables, and pasta.

Thyme leaves have been used for millennia for its healing, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. This makes it a natural ingredient to be used for throat infections and coughs to remedy upper respiratory problems like bronchitis.

To make thyme herbal tea, add a small teaspoon of dried leaves into boiling water, allow to boil briefly and then strain into a mug. Add a spoon of honey to help for coughs and sore throat. Overheating and over steeping the herb will result in a bitter taste. To add thyme to your cooking, it’s best to rub the dried thyme together to release its fragrant aroma into your recipes.

Our Jordanian Thyme is dried with love in the Jerash Refugee Camp in Jordan. 

100% vegan. ethical purchasing. no animal testing. biodegradable. gluten free. natural. non-gmo.

Why choose us?

Handmade By Refugees.

Each bar of soap is made by hand. There is a lot of love that goes into this soap, as well as skill and patience. Cold-press olive oil soap must dry for at least 30 days before being wrapped and taken to market for sale. The time it takes to make each batch of Sitti soap represents the commitment of each woman to her family, her community, and her culture. Sitti works hard to create quality products for you and your family. 



These are lovely soaps that are beautifully packaged. They bring a story of hope, faith and hard work into your home. Thank you Sitti, for this inspiring opportunity to give back. Perfect gift for the holidays! I love them.

Diane G.

Bought one for my sister and couldn't help buying one for me as well! The dish is beautifully crafted and actually keeps a slippery soap in place. I have just discovered this company and love everything from the products to the paradigm behind it. I plan to buy all my soap from here from now on and to spread the word to my friends and family.

Kristina S.

A gift my friend loved I gifted these to a friend and she loved them. She was so happy with the whole story of the soap and absolutely loved the bracelet. She said the masks are beautiful.

Natasha B.

The best company to deal with. So thorough, timely, and thoughtful. I even got a personalized note from the team which was a really nice touch.

Nausheen M.

Loved the presentation and the quality of those soaps. This little set makes it for a very high-standard gift and knowing that it's purchase helps with a great cause makes it even more special

Brunella R.

Great design and colours. These are great! Hassle free for hijabis as the stretchy bands of the mask go over the head and not over the ears. Highly recommend.

Wajeehunnisa W.

This is a beautiful product. It is also finished beautifully. What I mean is that whoever assembled it made sure that every seam was completed correctly and every thread was cut at just the right point. It is rare to see this much attention to detail in purchases I make these days. Thank you for being meticulous. Job well done!

Cheryl O.

J'ai adoré les produits que j'ai acheté! Je recommande Sitti, leurs produits sont phénoménaux et en plus ils servent une bonne cause. J'ai acheté le savon à l'huile d'olive et des boucles d'ailleurs magnifiques. Grande fan de cette entreprise!

Kenza T.

Smells and feels Fresh. Love using it to clean my face,body, make up brushes. I absolutely adore the size, perfect for a small metal tin and easy to handle

Rim A.

The products I purchased are incredible. So happy to have found this company

Vanessa C.

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