On-the-Go: Mini-Travel Bundles: Soap & Loofah Sets

On-the-Go: Mini-Travel Bundles: Soap & Loofah Sets

Sitti Soap

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Get the on-the-go Mini-Travel Bundles that include:

Option 1: Small Natural Soap + Travel Mini Loofah Scrubber [$10]
Option 2: Small Natural Soap + Two (2) Travel Mini Loofah Scrubbers [$15]
Option 3: Two (2) Small Natural Soaps + 1 Travel Mini Loofah Scrubber. [$15]
Option 4: Two (2) Small Natural Soaps + Two (2) Travel Mini Loofah Scrubbers [$20]


Sitti Soap bars are all-natural olive oil soap bars. Each bar is handmade using the traditional cold-press "Nabulsi" method, passed down from generation-to-generation of Palestinian women. We source our olive oil from local farms in Jerash, Jordan.

Small Natural bar. Ideal for everyday face-washing, or leaving in your powder room for guests to enjoy. This small bar is long-lasting. Enjoy major benefits for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, acne, or eczema. 


Sitti’s all-natural loofah sponges are made from pure loofah plants. They are completely biodegradable and compostable. Use them to exfoliate in the shower or as an environmentally-friendly alternative to your kitchen sponges...take one step closer to being “zero waste” to the earth we all share.

Using a Sitti Soap Bar, rub it into the Loofah. The mesh-like texture makes it easy to foam using less soap with each use. Sitti’s Loofah Sponge is hard enough to exfoliate and scrub, and soft enough to protect skin (or other surfaces). Each sponge is durable for approximately 30-40 days. When you are finished with your Sitti Loofah Sponge, simply bury it in the soil or throw it in with your other compost materials! 

What Is Loofah

The loofah plant is a fast-growing vine native to Asia and Southeast Asia, belonging to the cucumber family. They are cultivated throughout the Middle East, including Jordan. The loofah fruit is similar to a cucumber but much bigger. The inside of this fruit develops strong fibers, which are perfect for exfoliating and cleaning!



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