Sitti Snow-shaped Olive Oil Soap (Limited Edition)

Sitti Soap

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Our Snow-shaped Olive Oil soap comes in a natural cotton burlap cloth that holds one bar of soap. This is perfect for the holidays, gifting your co-workers, corporate giveaways, holiday stocking stuffers and more! This is a large bar of pure 100% Olive Oil Soap that is super versatile and great for sensitive skin. 

Each soap bar is 160 grams. 

Soap Ingredients: 100% pure Jordanian Olive Oil, Water (aqua), Lye, Loofah Plant (optional).

*No additives, preservatives, artificial fragrances, alcohol, animal by-products, or perfumes. 100% Vegan. 100% made with love by refugee women in Gaza Refugee Camp in Jerash Jordan.

Sitti Soap bars are all-natural olive oil soap bars. Each bar is handmade using the traditional cold-press method. We source our olive oil from local farms in Jerash, Jordan.



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