The Ramadan & Eid Gift Guide for Corporate Gifting

At Sitti, Ramadan and Eid are a special time of year for many of our team members. This holy month in the Islamic calendar is all about community and giving back. Our gift guide for corporate gifting empowers anyone to give their colleagues observing this special holiday a gift that gives back to the refugee community. 


What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is observed yearly by Muslims during the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The start date of Ramadan varies each year and can last between 29 and 30 days. Unlike a typical Gregorian year, the Islamic year is about 11 days shorter. 
During this holy month, each day, (able-bodied) Muslims take part in fasting, which is the abstinence from food and drink from dawn until sunset. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam, which are the core beliefs and practices of the faith.
Photo: Sitti artisans preparing Ramadan dishes at the Refugee Camp.
At the end of the month, Muslims celebrate and break their fast during the Islamic holiday, Eid al-Fitr. During Eid, Muslims may perform Eid prayers, celebrate with the community, enjoy meals together, and give gifts to one another. 


 Why Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is about building and strengthening relationships with customers, employees, and potential clients. This is a gift-giving experience that could even extend to the families of those people as well. Corporate gifting helps businesses promote their products or services while simultaneously giving back to the community that supports them. 
Corporate gifting is can help maintain relationships with customers to show that their business is appreciated. Corporate gifting also provides businesses with the opportunity to inspire and motivate their employees. This is a way for businesses to show their employees that their team efforts are valued. Finally, corporate gifting can encourage potential clients to finally become clients.  

Corporate Gifting During Ramadan

During Ramadan, gift-giving is a ritualistic way to express gratitude and appreciation for our team members. Share your appreciation for your Muslim employees this month by partaking in this tradition and creating an environment where the celebration of Ramadan is accepted and encouraged in your company. If you are a Muslim-owned business, corporate gifting is a great way to spread awareness about Ramadan and the kind of peace and connection between each other that is encouraged during this time and in the Muslim faith in general. We encourage you to support and buy from Muslim businesses all year round, but it is especially encouraged to do so during the holiest month of Ramadan 
As a company based in Jerash, Jordan the majority of our refugee artisans are practicing Muslim, and we are very passionate about supporting them and their families. Every purchase at Sitti goes towards creating long-term employment and financial security for our refugee artisans. We encourage you to look through our gifting options! Support Sitti and show your appreciation for the holiday of Ramadan and those celebrating it.
Check out these Ramadan and Eid gift ideas, from our team to yours:
    Kitchen Gift Set: Sharing robust, homemade meals with family and friends at the end of a day of fasting is something a lot of Muslims look forward to during the month of Ramadan. This Kitchen Gift Set is a great gift to encourage an elevated cooking routine this Ramadan.

      Photo: Sitti Kitchen Set photo taken by Noora Sharrab.


      Ready-to-go Gift Sets: We have some ready-to-go gift sets, perfect for last-minute gifts, with a wide selection of styles and price ranges. There is something for everyone.


       Photo: Sitti starter kit


        Custom Sitti Box: Work with our team to customize a gift set that nails your style and price point. We'll curate items from our exclusive collection of Sitti products, as well as brands we love and trust. There is something for everyone.

          Photo: Custom Sitti Box with We Are Rosie for 2022 Holidays.

          As always, thank you for supporting Sitti and refugee self-reliance while purchasing high-quality products. Ramadan Kareem and Eid Mubarak!
          RAMADAN BONUS: All orders of $130 CAD or more (approx. $100 USD) are eligible for FREE SHIPPING! Use code 'FREESHIP0423' at checkout!*
          *Limited to Canada and the U.S. Excludes shipping fees over $40 CAD per order.

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