Ard Collection Series: Charcoal Olive Oil Soap

ARD is the Arabic word for ‘earth’ or ‘land’. Each soap within the ARD collection is made from all-natural ingredients and a connection to the land of our refugee community in Jerash, Jordan. This collection signifies the importance of the meaning of ‘land’ to refugee and displaced communities around the world and pays tribute to the beauty and the memories left behind in the pursuit of a brighter future.

The ARD blog series shares the backstory behind creating each soap in our ARD Collection, as well as the unique characteristics of each bar and ingredients. 


Introducing Sitti’s Charcoal Olive Oil Soap featured in the Ard collection. 

Sitti’s Olive-Oil Soaps featured in the Ard Collection are completely plant-based and made from sustainably-sourced ingredients. Each soap featured in this collection is unique from one another with the exception of the olive oil derived from the olive oil farms in Jerash, Jordan. Gifted artisans from Jerash Refugee Camp have handcrafted these soaps just for you. 

What is charcoal?

Charcoal is known to have been used for over 30,000 years because of its amazing antidotal properties. Charcoal is still widely used today because of its ability to purify water, air, and even skin. It is attained through the burning of wood and other organic substances at an extremely high temperature to promote the porousness needed to effectively purify. Charcoal is the ideal purifier for water because it removes the toxins without taking away the important salts and minerals needed in the water. It can also reduce any bacteria or allergens in the air. 

Benefits of using our charcoal olive oil soap:

Using charcoal on the skin has some amazing benefits. Sitti’s Charcoal Olive Oil Soap is the perfect cleansing bar, and here’s why:

  • Treats oily skin: Because of the purifying properties of charcoal, this soap removes any excess oils and dirt from the skin, while the addition of olive oil keeps skin moisturized. This soap is great for oily and combination skin, however, it is suitable for all skin types. 
  • Helps to prevent premature ageing: Charcoal’s skin tightening properties reduce the look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles by enhancing the collagen and elastin production in your skin.  
  • Brightens complexion and skin tone: Sitti’s Olive Oil Charcoal Soap helps reduce acne and blemishes by unclogging pores, resulting in an even skin tone and brighter complexion. 

  • If Sitti’s Charcoal Olive Oil Soap sounds like something you need, you can order yours here

    Sustainably-sourced pine and oak wooden soap dishes are available for purchase along with any of the soaps featured in the Ard collection. You can find the charcoal and wooden soap dish here (Sitti’s tip: we recommend the pine wooden soap dish paired with the charcoal soap. The contrast of the bright pine with the dark and rich charcoal colour of the soap can elevate the look of your bathroom).



    Written by: Abigail Reynolds

    Abigail is a sociology major at Ryerson University. She is passionate about social justice issues and hopes to one day become a journalist. 


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    Charcoal Olive Oil Soap Bar    

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