Ard Series Collection: Nigella Olive Oil Soap

ARD is the Arabic word for ‘earth’ or ‘land’. Each soap within the ARD collection is made from all-natural ingredients and a connection to the land of our refugee community in Jerash, Jordan. This collection signifies the importance of the meaning of ‘land’ to refugee and displaced communities around the world and pays tribute to the beauty and the memories left behind in the pursuit of a brighter future.

The ARD blog series shares the backstory behind creating each soap in our ARD Collection, as well as the unique characteristics of each bar and ingredients. 

Introducing Sitti’s Nigella Olive Oil Soap featured in the Ard collection

Sitti’s Olive-Oil Soaps featured in the Ard Collection are completely plant-based and made from sustainably-sourced ingredients. Each soap featured in this collection is unique from one another with the exception of the olive oil derived from the olive oil farms in Jerash, Jordan. Gifted artisans from Jerash Refugee Camp have handcrafted these soaps just for you. 

What is nigella? 

Nigella, is most commonly known as black seed, comes from a flowering plant called the Nigella sativa. It is commonly found in the Middle Eastern region and can even be traced back to King Tut’s tomb. Ancient Egyptians used Nigella to treat conditions such as digestive issues and skin irritation. Since then, Nigella has been cultivated for over 3,000 years and is still widely used across the globe. Nigella is used as a cooking spice because of its aromatic flavour, its health benefits when consumed are said to help with inflammation, asthma, high cholesterol, and diabetes. When applied topically, there have been significant results of the improvement of skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

Benefits of using our nigella olive oil soap: 

Using the nigella on the skin has some amazing benefits. Sitti’s Nigella Olive Oil Soap is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and here’s why:

  1. Reduces skin irritation: Nigella is known to soothe irritated skin. It can be notable in improving and calming skin conditions like eczema, reducing acne breakouts, and even minimizing the severity of psoriasis. 
  2. Cleans wounds: Because of its antiseptic properties, Nigella can be used for cleaning wounds and minor cuts. Nigella cleans out any bacteria trapped in wounds and prepares the skin to heal significantly faster by helping the body build new, healthy skin cells. 
  3. Minimizes discolouration and the look of dark spots: Thanks to Vitamin A, fatty and amino acids found in Nigella, say goodbye to discolouration! Sitti’s Nigella Olive Oil soap is a great product to incorporate into your daily skincare routine if you have a normal skin type or are looking to heal scarred skin.

If Sitti’s Nigella Olive Oil Soap sounds like something you need, you can order yours here.

Sustainably-sourced pine and oak wooden soap dishes are available for purchase along with any of the soaps featured in the Ard collection. You can find the nigella soap and wooden soap dish here


Written by: Abigail Reynolds

Abigail is a sociology major at Ryerson University. She is passionate about social justice issues and hopes to one day become a journalist. 


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Nigella Olive Oil Soap Bar    

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