Black Bough Laguna offers curated Home Decor and Natural Products in Orange County, California.

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Somer Sood, Palestinian-American humanitarian, aid worker, interior-designer and business owner has launched 'Black Bough Laguna' in Orange County, California to introduce modern, clean and minimalist home decor and interior design inspiration through this newly established brick and mortar shop. 

black bough laguna southern california interior design home decor furniture shop

Hidden away on Forest Ave. in Laguna Beach area, Somer was inspired to start a shop that really represented simplicity, quality products, and highly curated items that would stand out in one's home. Black Bough is a curated home decor and furniture boutique, inspired by modern design and a global lifestyle. 

"I love helping clients design, and create their own personal space unique to their interests, love, and lifestyles." - Somer Sood, Principal owner of Black Bough.

So why Bough? Bough actually means the main branch of a tree [hence in inspiration in his logo design]. It could be that his name was inspired by the poem by Ezra Pound, "In a Station of the Metro." 

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet, black bough.


Sitti is thrilled to be curated as one of the brands featured in the shop for the exclusive members and clientele of Black Bough. You can find, Sitti's Olive Oil Soap, 3-soap gift sets, handmade wooden soap dishes and handmade Sitti zipper pouches and tote bags at the shop. Clients of the boutique have noted,

"I love the clean lather and clean scent of Sitti's Olive Oil Soapfinally a soap without perfumes or dyes, just clean, pure, Olive oil!"

Sitti Soap 3-soap gift set black bough laguna beach southern california interior design home decor furniture accesories


Sitti Soap wooden soap dish gift set loofah soap natural olive oil soap sitti handmade soap laguna beach black bough laguna home decor and interior design shop orange county california

Strikingly, Somer's experience is drastically different from her day-to-day experience with running Black Bough, she tells us, "Before opening the shop, I was an aid worker (and still am). I traveled to refugee camps in Palestine, Syrian and mostly Greece, providing aid, school supplies and assisted with boat rescues." She worked in a collective with other American Mothers dedicated to providing support and aid to refugees in Greece with backpacks for children and assistance to those that have recently lost everything. 

Somer is a volunteer with Operation Refugee Child, an aid group started by Californian moms desperate to bring a little comfort to the youngest victims half-way around the world.

Operation Refugee Child (ORC) distributes backpacks with basic necessities to bring comfort, health, safety and warmth to refugee children and families who have left everything behind. Through [their] international network of volunteers and local NGOs in US, Middle East and Europe, [they] assemble and distribute backpacks to refugee children and families fleeing violence and war. In 2016, ORC distributed basic necessities and at least 10,000 backpacks to refugee children.

Somer Sood humanitarian aid worker operation refugee smile syrian refugees greece assistance support refugee children

The mission is simple: Give out light backpacks filled with necessities that kids and their parents stuck in refugee camps would love, like a blanket, rain poncho, protein bar, jump rope, plush toy and more.

It's wonderful that she can still find a way to give back to refugees in small ways by working with companies like Sitti. 

Now with the growth of her small family in California, she focuses her effort with her one-year-old baby and the running of the shop. Although she still coordinates logistics for aid trips, humanitarian relief donations to help refugees in need - she's been able to delegate and coordinate efforts in more ways than one through the humanitarian efforts she's dedicated her efforts to support refugees globally. 

We wish Somer the best of success with her interior design and home decor and accessories boutique! [Also, how nice is this set-up below].  

Interior Design and home decor furniture boutique southern california orange county laguna beach black bough laguna shop home accessories

Check out Black Bough Laguna, where it can be found at 384 Forest Ave, Suite 3, Laguna Beach, California, 92651.

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Photos all provided with permission exclusively by Black Bough Laguna. 

**Note: We have recently followed up with Somer to make sure she and her family were not impacted by the latest wildfires that have hit Southern California, and thankfully they were not affected. We pray for those that have lost loved ones and lost their homes as a result of these treacherous fires. (Nov. 2018)


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