Corporate Gifting and Gift Boxes that employ people with Disabilities in Toronto!

The core of our mission at Sitti has always been the ways in which we are able to contribute to the local community we are working with to help empower and employ underprivileged people. With our products being completely made by refugee women and men at the Jerash Refugee Camp in Jordan, and with our operations being run in North America, we find it beneficial to build partnerships with existing companies locally that could help compliment our products and promote our core message of giving back. 


carpenter with disability refugee palestinian

[Photo Above: Hassan, a Palestinian Gazan Refugee from the Jerash Refugee Camp in Jordan handmaking Sitti's Wooden Soap Dishes.]

Sitti is proud to establish a strategic partnership with Beaux Box, located in the heart of Toronto at the Artscape Wynchwood Barns. We met Beaux Box at several markets and trade shows we attended and found that we were in line with key points, including employing people with disabilities in the making of our products. At Sitti, we work closely with the Jerash Refugee Camps Rehabilitation Centre where we employ skilled carpenters with disabilities to handmake some of our products, including our Pine and Oak Wooden Soap Dish.

Beaux-Box Founder, Anne-Marie Cole tells us, "I have always had a passion for working with disabled persons, having a disability myself and having made a 'spectacular comeback' overcoming my barriers. I wanted to create a business model that would sustain my mission while creating something joyful and useful."


corporate gift boxes customized sitti soap beaux box handmade

Cole notes, "My first objective was to create opportunities where disabled individuals could have training and employment in a real-world business model with support from professional trained and experienced management. My second objective was to assist in dispelling the mythology that disabled individuals produce sub-standard products and deliver sub-par services. My final mission was wanting to deliver a very unique and innovative product while creating a platform for developing and retaining statistical information around 'Accessibility for Ontarians Disability Act.'

That was something that hit a soft spot with us, particularly with dispelling the preconceptions that because the products are made by refugees then they may not be worth it, or not up to high-quality standards. We wanted to raise the standard and change the way people saw refugees as a pity case, but rather as a story that was empowering and dignifying. 

Cole continues, "When I learned about the Sitti project, it was crystal clear to me that collaboration would bring improved economic prosperity to all involved. I have some experience travelling the Middle-East and appreciated that we in Canada have access to much better supports and services in the accessibility community. The idea that our reach can be not just local but also global [was] inspiring."


palestinian woman working beautiful sitti soap

We have been working with Beaux Box on hand-crafting and customizing corporate gift boxes and unique gifts that can really stand out. Boxes are curated and purchased from Beaux Box, knowing that employment opportunities for people with disabilities help empower those involved in the process. Sitti loves working closely with companies and individuals to create gift boxes that can also feed-in with a companies Social Corporate Responsibility of giving back to the local (and global) community. 


sitti soap products soap flakes olive oil soap wooden soap dish wooden box

To get in touch and learn more about how we can help craft a corporate gift box for your company needs, whether to your VIP clients, bespoke customers, internal management team or even to gift your own employees, find out how we can help make it happen while providing employment opportunities to refugees and people with disabilities!

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