In support of Women Shelters in Toronto: Let's do this Yoga Thing!

Guest Blog Post Written by Afroze Rajbali-Jiwani & Salwa Mohiuddin


Sitti Soap 3-soap Set

A bright sunny Sunday was the backdrop to ‘Let's Do This Yoga Thing!', the second in a series of charity events, hosted by Afroze and Salwa.  These two local Toronto women (but proud Native Brits), have a deep desire to build a connected sisterhood and curate events with the spirit of charity and the heart of self-care!  

Their aim is to promote authentic collaborations, set in the backdrop of pretty spaces with memorable stories, heart-filled fun and tasty bites… all the while giving back to none other than women!                     

Yoga Fundraising Event

The event kicked off with everyone getting their zen on, through a Vinyasa practice session led by yogini extraordinaire, Isra-Al-Salem (@isra.alsalem).  Guests were guided gracefully through all the must-do yoga poses, leaving them rejuvenated and revived to conquer their appetites! 

With euphoria set in, lunch was bound to be divine…..and indeed it was delightful! Watermelon spritzers, Freshii wraps, rainbow salads, stuffed dates, lush avo-chocolato mousse, were just some of the shining stars at the buffet table. And of course let’s not forget energy balls (c’mon, what’s life without energy balls, really?).                    


Yoga Session with Women Fundraising Sakeena Homes Work Around Workspace Toronto


Freshii Sandwiches Brunch Yoga Fundraising Event Toronto Workaround Workspace Toronto

With bellies full, it was time to get down to business...The Femme Packs.  This is the heart of all these events. Guests assemble something tangible to give back to charity, so when co-founder, Noora Sharrab from Sitti Soap generously donated products for the packs, it was apparent that values were aligned. Given that Sitti Soap aims to support beneficiary programs that contribute towards empowering women, the company’s support of this charity initiative came as no surprise. 

Charity Fundraising Event Sponsorship Sakeenah Homes Donation Toronto


Thank you Sponsors Donation Event Fundraiser Toronto


The Femme packs were made up of feminine and hygiene products for the residents at Sakeenah Homes, the chosen charity (

Each night, hundreds of Muslim women and children in Canada go through traumatic experiences stemming from abuse, immigration issues, homelessness, and poverty. Sakeenah Homes is often the first step for the women facing these issues. The organization ensures that the women and children who reside in the homes will be safe and healthy, whilst their cases are being dealt with.

Femme Packs Donated Goods Sakeenah Homes Charity Fundraising Event Toronto


Femme Packs Sakeenah Homes Donation Toronto

Femme Packs: signed, sealed, delivered!


The luxurious 3-piece gift set in the signature “Sitti” box, was perfect to add to the Femme pack which guests filled with feel good, smell good, sleep good, items. Love and care were put into each pack, including handwritten messages from the guests to each Sakeenah resident. And what’s really nifty, is that each Sitti Soap set came with a poetic note inside that reminds the recipient that their gift is also giving back to others (gotta love that! #fullcircle).

Sitti Soap 3-soap SetL

Luxurious Sitti Soap signature 3-piece gift set


Essential Oils 101 was another highlight of the event.  Guests dabbled in the art and science of using pure plant essences, and diligently formulated concoctions for Sleep, Anxiety, Energy, Headache and Pain. A special “Calm” blend was also created to add to the Femme Packs for Sakeenah Homes. 

To end the sunny Sunday event, guests indulged in some much-needed girl talk! A sisterhood circle where the women shared, cried, and laughed about their personal challenges and triumphs with life’s stressors. And to round it off guests harnessed the calm through guided meditation, giving everyone all the feels of mindfulness, tranquility, and gratitude.

Essential Oils 101

Canadian wellness brands sponsored the DIY workshop


And just like that is was time to bid adieu. The palpable calmness in the air certainly hung around for the rest of the day.

Heartfelt intentions were fulfilled; extraordinary women came together to connect, create, and collaborate. They even managed to break a sweat, strike a few yoga poses, and ultimately give back a little more to another deserving charity!


Fundraising Organizers Sakeenah Homes Charity Empowered Women Empower Women

From left: Salwa, Afroze and Yogini Isra


Until the next time, Let’s Do This Event Thing! 

Afroze & Salwa,



Charity Event Fundraising Sakeenah Homes Toronto


Muslim Women Yoga Fundraising Event Toronto Sakeenah Homes Workaround Space

Note: Monetary proceeds from the event went towards Sakeenah Homes.

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