Own Your [Woman Owned] Business Story: Jana Zaibak of Nomz

Beginning March 17th (Buy Women Owned Day)Sitti is elevating the stories of women-owned businesses through an ongoing blog series titled, “Own Your [Business] Story.” Throughout the past year, we’ve recognized (and experienced first hand) the hurdles for small businesses to pivot and push forward through the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic challenges that have come with it. Through it all, these businesses have shown determination, grace, and resilience. In this series, we get up close and personal with some incredible women so you can hear more about their business stories: what (or who) inspired them to start their brand, what are the challenges they’ve met along their journey and what keeps them going. 



In this week’s interview, we are talking to the founder of Nomz, Jana Zaibak. Nomz creates a range of wellness products that satisfy your sweet tooth without the extra sugars or artificial sweeteners. Zaibak started the brand after learning more about refined sugars and wanted to make something delicious for all those wishing to be on a healthier diet. The brand prides itself on being simple, proudly displaying all their ingredients on the front of the package. No extra stuff, just all the good things nature has to offer. Read more about Jana and how Nomz is creating healthy bites that taste oh so good! 


Q: How did Nomz come to be?

It started as a healthy snack I made for myself. Whenever I had a sugar craving, I'd eat these bites and feel incredibly satisfied. My mom loved it too and suggested I start selling them locally. That was back in 2013, and we’ve been growing ever since. 



Q: How would you describe the products at Nomz?

Quality products are made with simple, classic ingredients.


Q: What is the purpose behind Nomz?

We want to contribute to making the world a healthier and happier place. We are proud to offer our community with a range of healthy options and products, handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients in their purest form. 


Q: What is a recent exciting success?

We're very excited about beeswax candles. Handcrafted with 100% pure beeswax and a rounded wooden wick, our new candles purify the air as they burn, and evoke a subtle yet sweet aroma of honey.



Q: What is the best piece of advice you have for other women entrepreneurs?

Dream wildly.

Believe in yourself and trust in the journey.

Dreams + Grit = Success 


Q: What is a social enterprise you admire and why? 

I'm genuinely inspired by your team at Sitti — not just because of the growth you've experienced over the years, but because of your commitment to working with refugees. That's dear to my heart and is a focus our two companies have in common (currently, everyone on the nomz team is a newcomer to Canada).  

Nomz inspires us, as well, Jana. We are so proud of this shared commitment!


 Thank you so much Jana for being part of our series!


To show your support for Nomz, follow them on Instagram or nomz.com

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