Sage Saturdays: Health Benefits of Sage Pt.1

A bag of sage tea, two tea cups, and a pot of honey on a wicker platter.

We can all use a bit of calm and self-care during these uncertain and strange times. Even everyday actions are becoming draining as we relearn everyday activities like grocery shopping, visiting with family, and exercising.

Sage Tea Dried Sage

While some forms of self-care require a big time or financial commitment (I’m looking at you, sourdough starters and açaí powder baths), other forms are as simple as a hot cup of tea. Our Jordanian Dried Sage Herbal Tea Leaves make tea that is delicious and calming, but also healthy. And honestly, aren’t the best forms of self-care simple, enjoyable, and good for you?

Keep reading to learn about just three of the many health benefits of sage.

  1. Natural Defense Support: Sage is naturally high in antioxidants, which helps build up the body’s natural defenses against free radicals that might contribute to chronic illnesses. Sage can also help you fight off issues with memory and “bad” LDL cholesterol. A cup of tea a day keeps the doctor away?

  2. Dental Health: The antimicrobial properties of sage have been shown to support dental health and hygiene. Sage can “neutralize” microbes which lead to dental plaque, mouth infections, and bacteria that cause cavities. This means, incorporating sage into your diet might help you look forward to your next visit to the dentist!

  3. Digestion Aid: We’ve all been there. You eat a heavy meal, your stomach starts gurgling, and suddenly, you’re in the restroom. Avoid emergency trips to the restroom with a cup of sage tea after meals. The compounds in sage may help relax your gut, which means fewer tummy troubles, improved digestion, and more regular trips to the restroom.

A hand from the right side of the frame pouring tea into a tea cup sitting on a wicker platter.

So, if you’re feeling a little stressed out and in need of a quiet moment, start boiling some water and grab your favorite mug. Bonus points if you send a bag to a loved one and enjoy a virtual tea date.

Sitti Sage Tea

For tea making instructions, visit our Sage Tea Leaves product page. Next week, we’ll have some suggestions for baked goods that pair well with our sage tea.

Send us your feedback: If you have suggestions for baked goods we should include on our list, email Mona Beydoun,


Photography Credits Courtesy of: Saleme Fayad Photography.

We’re highlighting our Jordanian Dried Sage Herbal Tea Leaves through the month of July. Come back each Saturday to learn about new and easy ways to incorporate sage into your life.

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