Sitti Soap is now officially at Whole Foods Market in Ontario, Canada!

We're so excited to share this news with our loyal customer base (that's YOU!). Sitti Soap products are now officially on the store shelves at Whole Foods Markets across Ontario, Canada.

Whole Foods Market Canada Ontario Sitti Soap Retailer Vendor

With 7 Whole Foods locations across Ontario, our Sitti Soap products can now be found at the Soap and Body department sections in their stores across the province.


We couldn't have done this without your support. That being said, however, we need YOUR help to create continued interest in our products at such a large and critical retailer as Whole Foods. Having our handmade Olive Oil Soap products, made at the Jerash Refugee Camp, reach one of the most reputable companies committed to the finest natural and organic foods available with the strictest quality standards in the industry is very exciting! Meeting such quality standards was fundamental and has been at the forefront of Sitti from the beginning.

Noora Sharrab co-Founder at Whole Foods Market Ontario Square One Mississauga

To celebrate this wonderful news, we will be holding a giveaway starting this Wednesday, June 12th, 2019. We will be giving away a $100 GIFT CERTIFICATE to use at any Whole Foods locations in Ontario*. 

[Eligible to Residents of Ontario, Canada only].


To Enter the Giveaway:


1. Make a Sitti Soap Purchase (any of the 6 Sitti products available in store) from any of the 7 Whole Foods Market locations across Ontario;

2. Share your purchase on social media tagging @sittisoap and @wholefoodsont to your post on Instagram.

3. Share with your followers in your Insta-stories.

A winner will be selected on June 30th at 6pm

Once a winner is selected, we will mail the $100 gift card from Whole Foods to the winner of choice. Winners will be randomly selected. 


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