Sitti Tutorial: How To Keep your Natural Wood Dish Clean

Today we wanted to dish on….well...our soap dishes.

My Sitti wooden soap dish is probably older than most. Years ago, after our first batch of dishes were carved and ready for purchase, I put mine to work. I'll admit, I'm a little anal when it comes to cleaning my house (ask my fiance). However, I realized that I totally missed the mark on my soap dishes (!) I also realized that I'm not alone. Soap dishes are easy to overlook, because they hold soap. But just because soap is a cleaning product, doesn't mean that the dish underneath it will stay clean. The dish is just another surface in your washroom, and should be cleaned and maintained as such. 

The Sitti soap dish in particular is handmade from beautiful, locally-sourced pine and oak in Jordan. Each dish features carved slits, designed to quickly drain water from soap bars, keeping your soap dry and longer lasting. These dishes are a one piece design with no nails or glue!  

We recommend using two dishes, in order to change them out every few weeks. Changing out your soap dish regularly allows for a natural drying process to occur, and will help prevent any mold and mildew from forming. 

In the long run this will greatly extend the life of your soap dishes, as it has for ours!  

Additionally, it is important to use a mild, all-natural cleaning solution every 2-3 weeks to keep your dish clean and free of mold and mildew. It’s important to remember that just because its job is to hold your soap, doesn’t mean that it will stay clean!

Try the following all-natural recipe for a cleaning solution that will thoroughly clean your Sitti soap dish, and give it the long life it deserves: 


1 cup water

2 tablespoons baking soda

½ cup vinegar 

Juice from ½ a lemon 


Step 1: Mix ingredients in a large jar or spray bottle.


Step 2: Close the jar or spray bottle and thoroughly shake your all-natural solution until well combined. 



Now your natural cleaning solution is ready to use!

Step 3: Use a sponge or small toothbrush to reach into the crevices of your dish and scrub any soap residue or stagnant water. (Sometimes, it helps to use a toothpick or a wooden kabob stick to reach into the grooves of your dish if there is particularly old/stubborn soap residue that has found its way into the corners.)

Step 4: Rinse with luke warm water. 


Step 5: Allow to air dry thoroughly. 

Our Sitti Soap Dishes are handmade and all natural. PLEASE NOTE: These are made from natural raw wood. If you take care of your soap dish properly, it will be good to you for years to come! 

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 Photo credit: Nolan Ryan Trowe / VII Mentor Program 

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