Sustainable Living with Sitti: 10 Ways to Live a More Mindful Life in 2022



Sustainable living is about being mindful of the long-term impact of our short-term decisions. It not only refers to what we’re putting into our bodies, but also reducing our environmental footprints to maintain a more conscious, sustainable lifestyle. Many of the products we buy and use on a regular basis have the potential to harm the environment and ourselves, but we have the power to change what we use. 

This week, we announced our next subscription box: The Conscious Earth & Body Box. This box is all about sustainable self-love: how to care for the Earth starting with ourselves and the products we use everyday. We’ve been testing and curating the brands in this upcoming box for a long time, and we’re excited to share all the beautiful, sustainable products inside with you soon. (Our box and the products inside will be released mid-February!) 

In addition to our Subscription Box, our team has been in constant discussion around sustainable living and what steps we can take as both a team and individuals to put our health and the health of our planet first. Here’s where we’re starting in 2022:


1. Dig Around - Before splurging on all the latest eco friendly gear, be sure to use the items you have until they are no longer functional. Make sure that nothing goes to waste and everything is used to its fullest potential. 


2. DIY - Taking the initiative to make your own sustainable products helps save money and use up what you may have at home. Here’s what you’ll need to create your own body scrub: 

  • ½ cup olive oil
  •  ½ cup brown sugar 
  • 2 drops of any essential oil of your choosing. 

Mix these ingredients in a bowl and when you reach a desired consistency, store in a sealable container. Body scrubs are great for smoothing skin, and reducing bumps and blackheads.


3. Re-Use - Instead of using plastic bags, opt for a reusable bag. it’s better for the environment because you can get more uses out of it! It's not only practical for carrying groceries but it’s also stylish and great for everyday use. check out Sitti’s website for some embroidered totes here!


4. Thrift - Buying second hand clothes is a great way to give a well-made pair of pants or shirt a second life. You can even get creative enough by using the fabric from items to create new things that will serve a new purpose. Our co-founder, Jackie, loves to reuse old or badly ripped cotton t-shirts as cleaning clothes around the house.


5. Avoid harmful ingredients - Synthetic flavours, fragrances, and Parabens can disrupt hormones and cause allergies. Antimicrobial pesticides can be harmful to our waterways, and the use of formaldehyde can be toxic. In our soaps at Sitti, we use all natural ingredients that are safe for topical daily usage. You can shop all of our bath and body products, including our line of all natural olive oil soap bars, here. (All of our soap bars are free of parabens, phthalates, sls, bht, pegs, artificial dye or fragrance.


6. Sample It - Before buying a full size product of something you may not end up enjoying, try to test it out ahead of time to reduce waste. 


7. Go Herbal - Herbal tea is said to be an excellent way to improve your health! For example, sage tea is known to be high in antioxidants and vitamins which may help to improve oral health, high cholesterol, and even brain health. Thyme tea is also packed with vitamins and antioxidants that may help with inflammation and soothing coughs. You can get your hands on these dried herbs here


8. Give to Others - When gift-giving, try looking for sustainable and clean products for whoever you’re buying for. Support local businesses and businesses with sustainability-focused goals and missions. 


9. Move Mindfully - Exercise is a great way to tap into mindful thinking, whether that be your time in a gym, workout routines from home, or even a brief walk around your neighbourhood. These are all examples of ways you can connect your physical body with your mind and relieve any negative emotions and stress. 


10. Write It Down - Finish your day off by thinking about at least three things you are grateful for! This is a great activity to encourage looking inward and grounding yourself. This is also known to help you stay connected and boost your mental health. 


Now that you have a place to start, we encourage you to share your own tips with our team and readers! Leave a comment below on what steps you’re taking to live more mindfully in this new year.

Interested in sampling some beautiful, sustainable brands in this new year? Subscribe to the Sitti Box! An annual membership today will get you 15% off your subscription, and one of our Refugee-Led Boxes delivered straight to your door…ahead of your Conscious Earth & Body Box! A sweet self-love double-feature, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Go ahead, treat yourself. 


Written by: Abigail Reynolds

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