Why California-Made Brand, Bikyni uses Sitti to Wash Delicates!

We are just loving the simplicity of this beach-loving California designed and produced swimwear company, Bikyni. Founded by Palestinian-American entrepreneur, Jude Al-Khalil with a desire to end the eternal search for the perfect swimsuit. She sought out to create a quality, minimalist swimwear that was easy to shop and easy to wear without being overdesigned or overpriced. 

With a special focus is placed on premium materials it's important that customers are able to care for their swimsuits accordingly. Bikyni sources their fabric in Italy from a mill that’s been knitting innovative, performance fabrics for over 50 years. 

In a feature from Forbes Magazine, they wrote on the brand:

"Jude Al-Khalil launched Bikyni, an online direct-to-consumer swimsuit business  and already counts Jessica Alba as a fan. The former COO of cult-fashion brand Reformation, Al-Khalil was inspired to revamp the swimsuit shopping experience after realizing women dread shopping for bathing suits more than any other item of clothing."

Why do we love them?

They are sustainable and good for the environment! Their fabric is made from 100% regenerated nylon, removing waste from landfills and our oceans. How amazing is that!


In this special feature, we wanted to show how Bikyni women can use the delicate and natural ingredients of Sitti's Olive Oil Soap to wash and preserve the longevity of their swimwear.  

In the words of founder of Bikyni:

"Soap can’t get any simpler than Sitti soaps. Their soaps are genuinely all-natural, made with 100% pure olive oil, and effective. We love their subtle scent and they have not only become a skincare essential for us, but we love using them to wash our delicates! Our favorite part is the purposeful mission behind Sitti: each soap is handcrafted by refugee women."


Below are a series of photos provided exclusively by Bikyni as part of their Instagram Story feature, entitled 'The Wash Series'. 


Bikyni Wash series

Bikyni 101: The Wash Series. 


 Step 1: Separate: Light and Dark Colors when Washing and Drying. 

Step 2: Rinse in warm water.

Step 3: Wash after a few wears with mild soap (eg. Sitti Natural Olive Oil Soap). 

sitti olive oil soap bikyni

Using mild delicate natural soaps help maintain the fabric of the swimsuit. 

bikyni wash series sitti soap feature

Step 4: Dry - Flat and out of direct sunlight.

rotate bikyni swimsuit wash series

Step 5: Rotate suits if wearing on consecutive days to maintain their shape.

Avoid Dry Cleaning, Ironing, Bleaching, and Rough Surfaces. 


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