Why Olive Oil is our Jam

I didn’t fully appreciate olive oil until I tasted olive oil in the Middle East. The dusty, aging bottles I used to purchase from fluorescent-lit grocery stores in the US or Canada paled in comparison to the aromatic and complex olive oils I tasted while living in Jordan.

It’s an entire sensory experience, from standing on the hillside and watching the olive branches sway in the cool October breeze, as their plump fruits ripen and become ready for harvest. Families haul their freshly-picked green and deep purple gems to a local press. And then this is where the magic happens. The sooner the olives are pressed after harvest, the richer and more complex the flavors will remain. A smooth, silky oil is released and immediately put into tins that block out the light and help preserve its properties until it's ready to use.

Now this is good olive oil.

At Sitti Soap, this is the type of olive oil we're putting into our products. Direct from Jordanian farms. Direct from the source.

There are countless reasons to appreciate olive oil-based products from Sitti. Here are some of our favorites…



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