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Our “Own Your Story” series continues! 

Our “Own Your Story” series continues! Beginning September 1st, Sitti is featuring nine incredible refugee-focused brands through our on-going blog series. (You can find previous articles in this series, including nine amazing Women-Owned Business stories, here!The “Own Your Story” series elevates the stories of partner brands featured in the Sitti Subscription Box

Each quarter, we get to know the brands in our box, while gleaning priceless lessons and advice from their shared experiences. We talk about where the idea for their brand came from, and what’s made their journey unique. Our second box is all about refugee-led brands, as well as those making a direct impact within the refugee community. To learn more about our Surprise Subscription Box, click here. 


Established in 2013 by a small group of ambitious women in Amman, Jordan, Kama is a local brand that has expanded into a Middle Eastern kitchen staple. Falling in love with the blend of tradition and culture and the richness of flavors, Kama is celebrated for its refined taste and sophistication. With their handcrafted premium products including savory jams made with succulent fresh fruit, authentic delicacies, and aromatic herbs and seasonings infused with Arab and Levantine flavors, there is a lot to rave about Kama that will leave your taste buds speechless!

Sitti is excited to include one of their specialty products coming straight from their Jordanian kitchen into yours with Za’atar, a special blend that can be found in our new refugee-led subscription box. This handpicked, sun-dried, ground thyme seasoning is a must-have earthy spice that will give any dish a burst of flavor. We spoke to the culinary experts at Kama to learn about their journey from what began as a passion for food and culture, which later grew into a global success.


Where are you based and what do you sell? 

Kama is a handcrafted gourmet Middle Eastern product, produced by passionate women in our certified ISO and HACCAP kitchen, that is shared with the world through our online and culinary concept stores.

 What is your brand's purpose/mission?  

Our mission is to introduce the world to the Middle Eastern culinary experience, traditions, culture, and design while empowering and scaling up the handcrafted products produced by women and refugees.

What makes your brand unique?

High-quality premium artisanal products that are scalable while still being produced by women are packaged to meet international standards.

When did this organization start? How was this organization started?

2013 while working a second job. The actual launch was in 2016.

Tell us a story in your own words that speaks the truth about the experience of being a refugee-focused or refugee-owned business.

The word "family" means the world to us and beyond when we hear it from the mouths of the women we work with. We are a family.

In a 2-3 sentences explain how your company impacts the refugee community.

We started with six women, we now have 40 women working with us, three of which are in a supervisor positions.

What is a recent exciting success?

We are unable to meet our current demand so we are working on enlarging our current kitchen facility and increasing the number of women working for Kama.

What inspired the brand?

My passion for food, heritage, and design started this project. I saw a gap in high quality consistent artisanal products that lack a competitive edge in branding and packaging. I wanted to introduce the world to our authentic culinary traditions in their highest possible quality while empowering the women who excel and recipes that trickle down from one generation to another.

What other refugee-focused brands do you admire? Why?  

Sitti :) As they are true to their purpose!

What is the best advice you have for someone who is trying to start their own business? Or what is one piece of advice that YOU were given and that still holds true today? 

If you believe in your idea, do not hesitate. Take a leap of faith and everything will fall into place. It's an exciting learning experience that will only make you stronger. Believe in yourself.



Thank you, Kama, for sharing your story!




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